Earlene enjoyed a very successful career working at the Executive level of NASA through all flights of the Apollo Spacecraft Missions. She has met all the Astronauts and holds dear the many informative discoveries made during those years with her friends at NASA.  She has worked for the L. A. County Sheriff's Department; the Vice President of Capitol Records, Vice President of Catalina Swimwear and President of Textone, Inc.  She is an accomplished artist and has received recognition and several awards for her work. A gourmet cook, Earlene has written 2 cookbooks and is now working on a 3rd.  She is also a porcelain doll artist and has made and costumed many beautiful dolls, adding to her hobby of collecting expensive antique dolls.  She loves American History and is an advocate for truth, justice and the American way.  Earlene married a PK, has twin sons and a daughter.  She is also a big fan of Gospel Music.  The Cousin of former NBC Anchor of the Nightly News, Tom Brokaw, she stays abreast of happenings in the political world, is an avid reader and isn't shy about giving you her opinion when asked.  Her motto is KISS = "Keep It Simple, Stupid".
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