Take Action: How to Opt Out of Radiation-Emitting Smart Meters

Here is an action plan for those concerned about smart meters on their homes or businesses in San Diego County.

If you are concerned about the new wireless, radiation-emitting SDG&E utility meters (aka smart meters, AMI, AMR meters) that many people are reporting illness from, here are some facts that will help you learn about how to opt-out (be allowed not to have one).

Producing an opt-out plan for concerned customers has not yet been ordered for SDG&E, by the CPUC Administrative Law Judge, as it has for PG&E. Why is this? CPUC says they haven't heard from enough consumers who dislike the new meters in Southern California, even though records show the complaints in the thousands directly to SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric) and SCE (Southern CA Edison). Apparently, not enough have also complained to CPUC.

In northern CA, 46 municipalities have filed severe complaints about smart meters, including many towns, cities, and 9 entire counties, such as Santa Barbara. In Southern California, only the city of and County of Santa Barbara have filed official complaints and requests for an opt-out. Other counties and cities have banned or even criminalized the installation of smart meters, in Northern CA, such as Marin and Santa Cruz Counties. This, after their attorneys and councils examined extensive evidence that pointed to harm to public health.

Bottom line, SDG&E has been ordered to attend a Smart Meter Opt-0ut Workshop by two CPUC Administrative Law Judges in a row, to discuss the ways that people can opt-out of having a smart meter on their homes. SDG&E will be attending that meeting on Sept. 14th, at the CPUC Public Auditorium.

The meeting is public and will be carried online, live, and archived afterward. Verification of these facts may be found on www.CPUC.ca.gov under Calendar for Sept.

The reason all three major utilities are being ordered into this meeting is because there has been such an enormous uproar all over the state about the health effects and privacy issues to do with smart meters.

When counties feel compelled to criminalize the installation of these meters, after their attorneys have examined the facts, we are talking "serious."  If you don't want a smart meter on your home that emits what scientists and doctors (including the CA Dept of Health) warn is at the very least, potentially harmful, pulsed, rf radiation; if you don't want to take a chance with your health and privacy; if you are experiencing health effects that you feel may be related to the smart meters on your home; if you don't have a smart meter and don't want one ...  


1.Go to the CPUC site http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/CEC/e_complaint/ and file a smart meter complaint immediately.

2. Complain to SDG&E, also, in writing, and send our nonprofit a copy, info@electrosmogprevention.org

3. Attend the CPUC Smart Meter Opt-Out Workshop Sept 14 meeting, 9:30 AM-4 PM, in San Francisco,  in person or virtually(live webinar).

4. Let your local (town, city, county) governments and state legislators know your position on this issue, including any complaints, in writing and by phone if you can do so. See attached template in Media - Docs.

5. Consider supporting CEP's Proposal (http://www.scribd.com/doc/61171903/CEP-Smart-Meter-Opt-Out-Proposal-for-CPUC-7-28-11) We want wireless GONE from the smart grid plans.

6. Join Center for Electrosmog Prevention at http://electrosmogprevention.org/joinus.html.

7. Help educate the public by sharing your experiences, commenting online on articles, writing Letters to the Editor, blogging, and using the CEP Reasons to Say No To Smart Meters Educational Speaker's Packet with your friends, family, neighbors, and groups http://www.scribd.com/doc/52614951/Reasons-to-Say-No-to-Smart-Meters

8. Consider posting signs and protesting smart meters. www.Refusesmartmeter.com

9. Learn more about what people are doing to protect their analog meters. http://stopsmartmeters.org/

10. Learn more about smart meter dangers and solutions at Smart Meter Dangers www.smartmeterdangers.org. Read all the recent local San Diego County Patch articles about smart meters, including comments. These have appeared in LaMesa.Patch.com, LemonGrove.patch.com, Carlsbad.patch.com, LaJolla.Patch.com, Encinitas.Patch.com, and SanClemente.patch.com, to name a few.

What types of smart meters are there? Electric, gas, and water companies are using them lately. Helix Water District dropped their smart meter plan after bad press in April, claiming that the program was too expensive and had few beneficial results (3 people saved water). Read articles about this at: http://www.eastcountymagazine.org/node/5843, http://eastcountymagazine.org/node/5888, N

Having a problem with your smart meter? Start now, by telling us about it.

Or for those with no problems, think about this: is it worth a serious potential health risk to be able to save the utility money on meter readers and to be able to check your usage online? Talk about it! Take ACTION!

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Steven Golden August 25, 2011 at 11:21 PM
It's time for CPUC to stop the nonsense and lies. We know these Meters are bad for us, we know they will harm our health long term and we want the wireless component removed NOW
Chris August 26, 2011 at 12:05 AM
It is obvious people don't want these mini cell towers on their homes. To force this on people is un-American. People should have a choice. This is becoming a big mistake and the ratepayers will have to pay more to fix the problem because this project was so poorly thought out and considered. It's time to cut the losses and stop installing smart meters.
Susan Brinchman August 26, 2011 at 12:22 AM
These meters devalue the properties too. I spoke to a woman today who won't buy a house or even look at one to buy if the smart meter is on the bedroom. Personally, I wouldn't look at any house that had one on living spaces or with a neighbor's meter aimed at my house. Devaluing property is very serious.
Steven Golden August 26, 2011 at 12:59 AM
Link to my interview with Channel 4 http://www.nbcsandiego.com/on-air/as-seen-on/Are_Smart_Meters_a_Smart_Idea__San_Diego-115151039.html?code=2.yShb4XqLY4ToMfPaaNKkPA__.3600.1297800000-1453972559%7C4cABEekJuugdLsKvd8yGX2n19m0
Malaprop August 26, 2011 at 06:42 AM
In the interest of open debate, I am posting a letter I found from Dr. Li of Kaiser Permanente that is related to our very heated discussion on a previous blog. This letter certainly does not take the side of those who believe SmartMeters do no harm. http://www.ccst.us/projects/smart/documents/li_response.pdf The KP study was referenced by Ms. Brinchman as linking SmartMeters to miscarriage. This is not the case as Dr. Li studied low frequency radiation and magnetic fields. The Kaiser website states that clearly. http://xnet.kp.org/newscenter/pressreleases/nat/2011/080111emf.html "This study did not measure high frequency (radio frequency) magnetic fields from wireless networks, wireless towers and wireless devices such as cell phones and smart meters." Dr. Li in his letter is states his concern for the safety of RF fields and is at issue with the FCC standards, although he offers no research orn RF to support those concerns. The only references are to his paper on magnetic fields and low frequency EMF. He is very much opposed to the roll out of SmartMeters and raises questions about serious health effects, including findings similar to his MF studies. The letter has an alarmist tone. I certainly do not wish to promote unnecessary fear, and normally I would not post a letter like this but it is related to a previous discussion. On the other hand, he presents NO research -- NONE -- to back his concerns and simply says bad things may happen.
RobertWilliams August 26, 2011 at 07:18 AM
MUST-SEE 4-minute youtube video on Smart meter Privacy Violations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8JNFr_j6kdI
RobertWilliams August 26, 2011 at 07:19 AM
CUSTOMER UTILITY BILLS INCREASED AFTER SMART METERS INSTALLED. Skyrocketing Utility Bills after installation TV News Video (3 minutes) http://www.bakersfieldnow.com/news/63581287.html?tab=video
RobertWilliams August 26, 2011 at 07:21 AM
SMART METER HEALTH PROBLEMS AND CANCER. A. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION on May 31 2011 placed the Non-ionizing radiation coming from Wireless smart meters (and some other wireless devices) on the Class 2-B Carcinogen List, along with DDT and Lead. http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf B. The NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH months ago (Feb 2011) found biological changes in the brain after only minutes of exposure to non-ionizing radiation. http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/305/8/808.abstract C. LABORATORY SCIENTISTS have observed (1) Human Cell Damage (2) DNA Chain Breaks (3) Breaches in the Blood-Brain Barrier from levels of non-ionizing radiation lower than emitted by WIRELESS Smart meters. http://electromagnetichealth.org/electromagnetic-health-blog/cc-video/ D. INSURANCE COMPANIES Hired Independent Laboratory Scientists and these scientists also observed Cell Damage and DNA Chain Breaks and now the Insurance Companies will NOT Insure Liability of damage from Wireless Smart meters and other wireless devices. TV Video (3 minutes) http://eon3emfblog.net/?p=382 So shouldn’t MANDATORY installation of Wireless smart meters on people's homes STOP? Because Cell Phone use and other devices are Voluntary and can be shut off at the user’s discretion, that is a different issue.
RobertWilliams August 26, 2011 at 07:23 AM
SMART METER HEALTH PROBLEMS AND CANCER - continued 1. WIRELESS SMART METERS – 100 TIMES MORE RADIATION THAN CELL PHONES. Video Interview: Nuclear Scientist, Daniel Hirsch, (5 minutes). http://stopsmartmeters.org/2011/04/20/daniel-hirsch-on-ccsts-fuzzy-math/ 2. WIRELESS SMART METERS – CANCER, NERVOUS SYSTEM DAMAGE, ADVERSE REPRODUCTION AFFECTS. Video Interview: Dr. Carpenter, New York Public Health Department, Dean of Public Health, (2 minutes). http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?p=3946 3. THE KAROLINSKA INSTITUTE IN STOCKHOLM (the University that gives the Nobel Prizes) ISSUES GLOBAL HEALTH WARNING AGAINST WIRELESS SMART METERS. 2-page Press Release: http://www.scribd.com/doc/48148346/Karolinska-Institute-Press-Release 4. RADIATION MEASURED FROM SMART METER MOUNTED ON A HOME (once active in the utility system) SHOWS RADIATION BURST PULSES APPROXIMATELY ONCE EVERY FOUR SECONDS 24 HOURS PER DAY traveling into and through the bodies and brains of the inhabitants of that home. Youtube Video (6 minutes, 1st minute is sufficient). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRejDxBE6OE
Susan Brinchman August 26, 2011 at 11:14 AM
Why would ANYONE want to risk their health with smart meters, with dire health warnings from scientists and physicians about rf radiation, electromagnetic fields, and smart meters? http://www.ccst.us/projects/smart2/ lists many of these, criticizing the heavily flawed, conflicted report of CCST. The use of wireless in the smart grid is a fatal flaw that needs to be removed, immediately. It is one of the worst technological mistakes and world health threats of all time. I encourage readers to TAKE ACTION, as above.
barbara August 26, 2011 at 06:11 PM
1. Put "U" shaped iron bar over your meter so it doesn't touch utility property, leaves face available to read but prevents removal or replacement with smart meter. 2. put up fence around your meter area with pad locked gate. 3. On both options above include sign on gate or near barred meters that gives your: a.)phone number and b.) your assertion that the utility is violating several California Civil Codes as well as c.) easement granted by you for electric service. d.) Also include a sign which states you consider it a trespass to come on your property with a smart meter, e.) include excerpt from physician's letter stating radiation emitted from smart meter is life threatening and state specific health condition that makes this so, also in sign include your phone number f.) State any attempt to put in a smart meter will be considered a criminal trespass with intent to do harm.
Susan Brinchman August 27, 2011 at 01:12 AM
SDG&E's scientific info on rf radiation is outdated (2006). Their smart meter experts are neither physicians, nor scientists, nor electrical engineers with specialties in rf radiation. They are employees with a script. The third parties studies are actually industry-paid reports (there are several paid for by Pacific Gas & Electric, who brought you the poisoning of the town of Hinkley, cA, where they told the residents that hexavalent chromium was good for them, memorialized in Erin Brokovich, the movie and book). April, you were interviewed on San Diego Insider and said that you believed that if all these people said they were sick they were sick, but that SDG&E was required to place the smart meters on everyone's home (regardless), by the CPUC. But the not-so-funny thing is that CPUC only said it authorized installations, not required them. So, tell us, WHY DOES SDG&E REFUSE TO OFFER OPT-OUTS FOR SICK PEOPLE OR PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT THESE HORRIBLE DEVICES ON THEIR HOMES? Watch April Bolduc on this segment of San Diego Insider: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/on-air/as-seen-on/Are_Smart_Meters_a_Smart_Idea__San_Diego-115151039.html?code=2.yShb4XqLY4ToMfPaaNKkPA__.3600.1297800000-1453972559%7C4cABEekJuugdLsKvd8yGX2n19m0 to learn the truth.
Chris September 02, 2011 at 04:43 PM
April, I want to know why SDG&E and the other utilities are fighting opt-outs tooth and nail??? It isn't ordered to put wireless systems on so why fight so hard against your customer??? By the way, I've read your dog and pony show garbage and it doesn't really answer the important questions like how this will affect my kids and pets and why the utillities never bothered to make sure these fragile groups would be safe before deploying.
Ken Stone September 02, 2011 at 04:58 PM
La Mesa Patch submitted a list of questions to SDG&E's April Bolduc 10 days ago, and she has promised to respond.
April Bolduc September 02, 2011 at 10:46 PM
My name is April Bolduc and I work for SDG&E. We have two website pages that address frequently asked smart meter questions. This one has general smart meter information: http://www.sdge.com/smartmeter/. This one has information related to radio frequency: http://www.sdge.com/campaigns/smartmeter/rf_concerns.html. In the lower right of the page there are numerous links to the third party experts we rely on that have done studies on this issue. Here is a recent update on radio frequency from the Environmental Defense Fund: http://www.edf.org/SmartMeterResponse. If you have any other questions we are more than happy to answer them, and you can email them to info@sdge.com, and put “smart meter” in the subject line. These questions go directly to a smart meter expert. In regards to opt-out, the CPUC is currently reviewing options for opting out and whatever they decide SDG&E will comply with fully.
Susan Brinchman September 04, 2011 at 03:38 PM
The Environmental Defense Fund is nothing but a sham, industry-supporting organization, which happens to have funding for two smart grid projects. As usual, all those in favor of smart meters have financial interests. Your "studies" are not scientific, April, they are industry-paid reports, such as the only one that is widely used by utilities to claim safety for smart meters, by Richard Tell, Associates, paid for by Pacific Gas & Electric, the same company that poisoned the ground water for the citizens of Hinkley, CA, which led to development of horrific cancers. PG&E implied that the toxic substance was good for those citizens. Your information is not reliable and is in fact, tainted. CA Dept of Health criticizies the misleading report of CCST that your utility also claims supports safety: "There is lots of evidence that would suggest that RF and ELF exposures well below the current standards may be capable of causing added lifetime risk that exceed the benchmark which triggers health based regulations ( 1 per hundred thousand)." Dr. R. Neutra, Ret. Chief, Cntrl Div. Env. & Occ. Disease, CA Dept of Health;"CDPH suggests further review of the literature on non-thermal effects, which is complicated and controversial, but does not support a claim of no non-thermal health effects from radio frequency electromagnetic fields."(California Dept of Health, Rick Kreutzer, M.D. rick.kreutzer@cdph.ca.gov, Linda Rudolph, M.D., MPH, linda.rudolph@cdph.ca.gov). SDG&E is wrong.
frank October 27, 2011 at 04:08 AM
Hi, my name is Frank. I am a EMF, RF, remediator. I see firsthand what these meters can do to somebody's health, especially if they are RF sensitive. The situation that scares me the most is the long term exposure. Also, the cumulative exposure when you add up all the meters in your neighborhood. Here's a scary scenario… Let's say you opt out, but your neighbors on both sides of you don't, you're still in trouble. Here's another scary scenario, these meters can talk to each other. I have a client whose kitchen light turns on every time his next-door neighbor's garage door goes up. I'm not sure if this is funny or not!
Malaprop October 31, 2011 at 02:15 AM
Frank: How much are you paid for your services?


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