Smart Meter Nightmare #3: East County Woman and Pet Sick, Begging for Help

I want to be treated with the same remedy that Northern Californians have received: immediate removal of my smart meter.

An El Cajon woman's torturous experience with smart meters, begging for help, in her own words.


August 29, 2011


San Diego Gas & Electric

P.O. Box 25111

Santa Ana, CA 92799-5111


Re: Account XXXXXXX

Service Address: XXXXXXX El Cajon, CA 92020


To Whom It May Concern at SDG&E       

Smart Meter Complaint Department

I have made three prior telephone requests advising SDGE of the serious side effects concerning my health since the installation of the smart meter device at my home. Three different individuals came out to my house on three separate occasions, all armed with the same propaganda, the same zero concern for my health or the safety of my home.

I was told, “I don’t know. You are the only one that has complained.” (A false statement.)

I was also told, “The smart meter is not causing any problems to your home.” (Another false statement.)

I am a 49-year-old woman and I have never before experienced any of these problems in either this home, or any other home that I have lived in, prior to the smart meter installation.

I came home one day after work, and they had just finished installing my smart meter. I did not think anything of it. I had received a notice a few weeks prior, indicating that a smart meter was going to be installed.

That same evening I awoke between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, with ringing in my ears, dizziness, tingling at the upper part of my head that turned into a headache and then nausea. There was also a horrible feeling of uneasiness that I had never experienced before and that prevents me from going back to sleep at night — every night.

One of my dogs awoke at the same time, wandering the hallways whining and crying. This dog refuses to sleep inside at night now, as the pulsed radiation also makes him sick. This dog had slept at the foot of my bed since the day I brought him home until the night the smart meter was installed. I have numerous friends and family who will testify to this, if called to do so.

The same scenario occurs whenever I sleep in my home, a home that I worked six or seven days a week for most of my life to be able to afford, and now you, the utility company, is FORCING PULSED RADIATION where I live and sleep, which if you do your homework and read the numerous articles that have been published by scientists who were not paid off by a utility company, you will see that radiation causes cancer and I will not stand for a cancer causing device to be attached to my home.

I was gone for two weeks on two occasions over the summer, and I sleep fine whenever I am away from my home. I was in Peru for two weeks without these problems and also in Alaska, where I had no trouble sleeping, no trouble concentrating, no dizziness, no ringing in my ears, no tingling at the upper part of my head that turned into headaches.

I also have noticed a strange humming and buzzing in my home around the appliances, coming from the computer, and around all the intercom panels in my home. I’ve had three people out from SDGE and they all heard the humming and buzzing and told me to turn the intercom down all the way and then I would not hear it.

I asked them, “How do you explain this? This humming and buzzing was not ever here before the smart meter installation? My kitchen appliances never hummed and buzzed before the smart meter installation.” I told them, “I don’t think my house is safe. This is not normal.”

And I just got the blank stare, the “I don’t know what to tell you, “ and the “No, I cannot remove the smart meter.” I begged them to return my house and home which I loved back to normal, to please, please remove the smart meter and install the old analog meter that worked just fine and that I never had a problem with. The blank stare and the, “No, I cannot do that,” was the only answer I could get out of these people.

I asked one of the gentlemen what his job was at SDGE, as it appeared he had no training as an electrician and was not capable of answering any of my questions. He told me, “Well, my job is to handle questions from people like you.” I then replied, “I thought you said I was the only one that complained.” Of course, he quickly departed after that. We all know that if he had told me anything different, he would have lost his job.

I want the same remedy that Northern Californians have received. I pay my utility bills just like they do and I want to be treated with the same remedy that [they] received: IMMEDIATE REMOVAL OF MY SMART METER AND REMOVAL OF SMART METERS SURROUNDING MY HOME.

How can the utility commission and the utility companies treat Southern Californians who are being made sick by smart meters any different than customers in Northern California? They cannot. This is a formal request for removal of the smart meter illegally attached to my home and to the homes around me.

Copies of this letter are going out to as many people, organizations, and government agencies as I can send it to, so you can’t drop this one in the trash and say you never got my letter.


Richard and Diane  XXXXXXXXXXX



Addendum, an email from Diane:

Yes, it [is] very sad.  I have two dogs and it seems the smart meter bothers one of the dogs more than the other.  I came home from work one afternoon and I saw the utility company truck pulling away.  I had received a notice two weeks prior that they were going to install a smart meter, but I really did not think too much about it. 

That very first night, my dog wandered the hallways whining and crying .  ... I have learned that the smart meter is more active at night.  My dog’s face went completely white within a two week period.  Usually this happens more gradually.  He was also diagnosed with arthritis after two weeks of the smart meter forced radiation and he refuses to sleep inside at night now.  He just can’t stand it.  Which never, ever happened before.  He always slept at the foot of my bed in the years prior. 

I believe the smart meter is slowly eating away at our health, slowly killing us.  I found there is nowhere to run, because all over the United States they are installing these radiation machines on homes.  I read on the internet of people selling their homes and moving out of state, only to find that within weeks of moving to a new home a smart meter was slapped on their home when they were at work. 

Of course, the utility company came out and told me that none of my problems or the changes in the home were caused by the smart meter.  They absolutely refused to investigate or own up to any responsibility at all.  They just looked at me, shrugged their shoulders, and told me that I was the only one that had complained. 

I BEGGED them to put my old meter back on for the sake of my home, the health of my pet and myself and they absolutely refused.  I had three different individuals out to my house, telling them about the problems since the very first night of the smart meter installation.  They refused to accept responsibility, because if they changed out my meter or accepted responsibility for me, they would have to do it for all the others that complained. 

One of them I think did feel sorry for me and he made a call to a supervisor two or three times to his visit to my home and each time he was told absolutely no, that he could not remove my meter and put the old analog meter back on.  I’m sure he would have lost his job if he had gone ahead and done what was right.  I do not know how these people sleep at night, knowing they are slow-killing us. 

I do know that evil flourishes when good men do nothing, which is why we all have to stand up and do whatever we can to fight this, especially for the innocents that cannot defend themselves:  our pets, infants in the womb, children, the elderly.  They cannot fight for their right to live in a radiation free environment, so we have to do it for them. 

My dog used to LOVE to go on long walks.  He is a retired greyhound and spend the first part of his life in a cage, and so I used to be able to take him on long walks. Since the smart meter was installed (within a two-week period of time) he is only able to go on very short limited walks now due to swelling in his joints (which is a common complaint for a lot of people after smart meter installation). 

This all practically happened over night.  It was not a gradual progression, where he gradually got older and declined.  It was very sudden and not natural at all.  I am 49 years old and have pets since I was a child and we all watch our pets gradually get older and understand this.  THIS WAS NOT NATURAL FOR A DOG IN PERFECT HEALTH TO GO from one who loved life to a state of torture the very first night that smart meter was installed.  

I know my dog, I know my house, I know myself and none of these have been the same since the smart meter installation.

(reproduced with permission)

We invite you to copy and paste this blog into an email and share with all your San Diego County family and friends. Ask them to pass it on also. The public needs to know and stand up for public health and safety.


Note: Opting Out means getting rid of the wireless smart meter - we think that turning off the transmitters inside (a Northern CA utility proposal) is not enough. We recommend opt-outs that involve nothing less than return to safe mechanical analog meters. To date, only a (forced) proposal has been made by PG&E, in Northern California. No utility has had a formal opt-out plan yet approved by CPUC.

The federal government does not require wireless or smart meters. The state CPUC falsely claims that the federal gov't has mandated smart meters. CPUC has authorized smart meters to be placed on every home in California (not required). The utilities in CA claim that smart meters are mandated, rather than authorized. No one in CPUC or utility companies admit that wireless was selected as the cheap option, without health and safety testing.

Utility and CPUC science is outdated and full of industry-produced information that is non-scientific and tainted by conflicts of interest. Michael Peevey, President of the regulatory commission to oversee the California utilities (CPUC) is a Southern California Edison Vice President, retired.

In two weeks, CPUC will hold an Opt-Out Workshop which all major utilities in California have been ordered to attend, to discuss potential opt-out solutions, including SDG&E. Without strong public pressure, such as we have seen in Northern and Central CA, it is doubtful an opt-out plan will be developed for Southern Californians, as the CPUC says it has not had enough complaints, to date, to warrant it. In Northern CA, 44 municipalities have taken out ordinances or a position against smart meters. In Southern California, 2 have done so (Santa Barbara city and County) (Center for Electrosmog Prevention).


Main Link for Opt-Out Info on CPUC website - http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/energy/Demand+Response/ami.htm

Information on “Opting-Out” – Requesting to Not Have a Smart Meter


Start Date:



End Date:




Public Workshop: Smart Meter Opt-Out



What: Public Workshop on Smart Meter Opt-Out Requests (A.11-03-014, A.11-03-015, A.11-07-020)

When: Sept. 14, 2011, 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Where: CPUC Auditorium, 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco;
Also available in real-time and archived via video webcast.

Details: CPUC workshop to discuss the options for customers of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric Company, and Southern California Gas Company who wish to opt-out of the utility’s respective Smart Meter program.

More information

Write the CPUC judge who will oversee the opt-out proceedings, Amy Yip-Kikugawa, amy.yip-kikugawa@cpuc.ca.gov.


2.  SUBMIT A COMMENT TO CPUC (California Public Regulatory Commission) - more info at this link - http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/aboutus/Divisions/CSID/Public+Advisor/

Bottom of Form

San Francisco -
Telephone: 866-849-8390 or 415-703-2074
Email: public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov
Postal Service: CPUC Public Advisor, 505 Van Ness Avenue, Room 2103, San Francisco, CA 94102
Los Angeles -
Telephone: 866-849-8391 or 213-576-7055
Email: public.advisor.la@cpuc.ca.gov
Postal Service: CPUC Public Advisor, 320 West 4th Street Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90013
TTY 866-836-7825

Write the CPUC judge who will oversee the opt-out proceedings, Amy Yip-Kikugawa, amy.yip-kikugawa@cpuc.ca.gov.

PLEASE INDICATE SUPPORT FOR NO-COST, SWITCH-TO-ANALOG-METER SDG&E OPT-OUTS, PER CEP “NO-WIRELESS” OPT-OUT PROPOSAL (http://www.scribd.com/doc/61171903/CEP-Smart-Meter-Opt-Out-Proposal-for-CPUC-7-28-11) View CEP's Opt-Out Proposal above on Media - Documents (pdfs) above, to right of this article, as well.


Online complaint form - https://ia.cpuc.ca.gov/cimsapp/


You can mail your written complaint to:
CPUC Utilities Safety Branch
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA  94102-3298
If you have any questions about mobile home park safety, you can call us at 1-415-703-1126.  For all other public safety complaints, you can call us at 1-800-755-1447. 
For more information on how the CPUC can help you resolve issues, please see Do You Have a Question or Complaint?


P.O. Box 129831
San Diego, CA 92112-9831

Attn: Smart Meter Complaint Dept.




And notify us in smart meter blog arrticle comments on La Mesa Patch how you are taking action, if you wish to share

6. Visit Take Action: How to Opt Out of Radiation-Emitting Smart Meters for more action steps


7.  Sign a local petition, recently started by a resident of Jamul, CA, for San Diego and Orange County residents with SDG&E as your utility:

Click here: Health Petition: San Diego "Smart Meter" Opt Out | Change.org

8. Call and write the CA Dept of Health to demand protection from smart meter emissions. See their letter above in Media - Documents (pdfs) related to smart meter rf radiation. http://www.cdph.ca.gov/services/contact/Pages/default.aspx


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Open Letter to the La Mesa City Council: Tell SDG&E to Stop the Smart Meters



Center for Electrosmog Prevention

more info and to join: Southern Californians Against Smart Meters


Smart Meter Dangers www.smartmeterdangers.org 

EMF Safety Network www.emfsafetynetwork.org


Stop Smart Meters www.stopsmartmeters.org

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Malaprop September 04, 2011 at 03:55 PM
I suggest that people read this intelligent, well-reasoned paper from Dr. Kenneth Foster from the University of Pennsylvania, which discusses the futility of imposing unfounded restraints: http://www.ccst.us/projects/smart/documents/foster_response.pdf This is a lesson in how research should be conveyed. It simply shames the drivel from bad scientists that the publicity-seeking Ms. Brinchman touts. I've seen enough contraditions, fabrications and false evidence from the anti-smart meter crowd. I'm still waiting for word on what board-certified MD states that smart meters cause skin cancer within five months. I'm also waiting for Chris's response on the utility that "immediately" replaced a friend's mother's smart meter when the friend took ill during a visit.
Susan Brinchman September 04, 2011 at 05:07 PM
Does A Smart Meter Emit More Radiation Than A Cell Phone? - See for Yourself (video) http://burbankaction.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/does-a-smart-meter-emit-more-radiation-than-a-cell-phone-see-for-yourself/. They say a picture is worth 1000 words. A video may be worth 1,000,000. Cuts right through the shill bull.
James Davis September 04, 2011 at 05:13 PM
Malaprop, thanks for the link. This debate can go on all day and I think this information is totally credible. My biggest concern was always in regards to the safety or perceived safety of the intangible (RF). These days, its VERY easy to make claims with ideology on both ends of the spectrum. For this I take no side except reading and understanding all points and judging for myself. So just as we have plenty of consumer electronics and devices in our homes that are RF enabled that potential "risk" is taken on by choice by the user. I still take no side in this except this plain and simple fact: Those who had them installed in their homes where never given a choice to opt out or not. While I do like the efficiency of the smart meter system, this mass implementation when dealing with the public leads to sensationalist news or the 95% of the population that really wont care until (if) something happens to them to start looking for answers.
Susan Brinchman September 04, 2011 at 05:31 PM
Actually, not credible, Foster was a member of a committee at the Electric Power Research Institute when he wrote that, a pro-smart grid, insider organization. And let's not mislead, the WHO docs he quotes from are PRIOR to WHO determining that rf radiation is a 2B carcinogen. Shill-tainted info. If there is a lawsuit over smart meters, I recommend obtaining the records from SDG&E regarding who they paid to shape public opinion on smart meters, including employees who commented on this and other blogs. Still waiting for real names to be used, herein. You can't do that, as you would reveal why you spend so much time trying to debunk the truth, that smart meters are dangerous. Lawyer?
Komfort September 04, 2011 at 06:03 PM
James, you may also enjor Malaprop's other link. It is titled: “IARC CLASSIFIES RADIO FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AS POSSIBLY CARCINOGENIC TO HUMANS” http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf The WHO report came out out after Foster's report.
Malaprop September 04, 2011 at 06:27 PM
James: I have nothing against opt-out, other than it will raise costs. Those who consider smart meters to have risk need to pay the difference for infrastructure to accomodate the alternative. If they can lobby enough people, they can amortize the infrastructure cost. I, and others who are willing to stick with the smart meters due to their "perceived" benefit are entitled to a reduced costs those meters bring. Assuming that wireless is less expensive, those who are willing to accept "risk" (as claimed by Ms. Brinchman) deserve that difference as our risk-reward. If smart meters are considered dangerous with scientific evidence, we will see insurers apply premiums to people who live in homes with smart meters.
Susan Brinchman September 04, 2011 at 06:41 PM
Insurers will not cover smart meter harm. People who keep smart meters on their homes are impacting neighbors. One local national radio show host, Dr. Bill Deagle, recently announced he will sue his neighbors if they opt to keep their smart meters. He, like so many other thousands (at minimum) is sick from his smart meter. He has inflammation from it, inflamed joints, among other things. www.nutrimedical.com. Forcing people to pay to have less risk is tantamount to extortion. "Pay SDG&E more and we won't increase your risk of cancer" ..."Pay SDG&E more and we will allow the dangerous device that your doctor says is making you sick to be removed." I don't think so. You obviously work for the industry, it is written all over your posts. Shame on you.
Malaprop September 04, 2011 at 08:12 PM
"Insurers will not cover smart meter harm." Are you telling me that customers cannot buy life insurance with a smart meter? I doubt that. "radio show host Dr. Bill Deagle, recently announced he will sue his neighbors if they opt to keep their smart meters" He will lose, but he will get publicity. The WHO does not recognize the symptoms he observed as coming from EMF and neither does anyone else who understands science. I disagree with the "risk" you state, but capitalism rewards people who accept "risk." Those who save money for SDG&E deserve lower utility cost. Don't you dare remove my smart meter. That's my choice.
Komfort September 04, 2011 at 08:44 PM
"but capitalism rewards people who accept "risk."" What system forces "risk" on people?
Things I Learned September 04, 2011 at 09:21 PM
Susan Brinchman September 04, 2011 at 09:34 PM
Show me evidence that SDG&E is lowering rates for its rate-payers, following the removal of the analog meters. In fact, they have applied for and received permission to significantly increase rates, with the smart meters as the tool to gouge us all. We will be charged according to the time of day use. You will be doing your laundry at 3 AM to try to avoid the punishment of higher rates for doing it during the day or evening hours. Save money? That is a lie.
Komfort September 04, 2011 at 09:36 PM
Chris September 04, 2011 at 11:23 PM
It is a long established principle of law in the United States that YOUR FREEDOM ENDS WHEN IT ENDANGERS ANOTHER PERSON. That's why you can't yell fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire. I would think that as an attorney you would know that.
Chris September 04, 2011 at 11:30 PM
Wikipedia is often incomplete. You need to look at the WHO to see why certain things were put on the list. Often those products are not produced in the same manner they were when they were put on the original list. For example, talc powder was on the type 2B list. But that was when they produced baby powder with lots of asbestos in it. Since then, laws have changed and you can't spray asbestos on your kid legally. It is always better to understand the issues completely and how determinations were made.
FEEDA September 05, 2011 at 12:38 AM
More sheer nonsense, hysteria, paranoia, from the Left. Subjective "health" symptoms, impossible to disprove. Folks, there are REAL threats to our society, and real threats to our health (many of which are self-imposed). Those that aren't, tend to be accepted by a permissive culture. If you really want to save lives, let's get ALL drunk drivers off the roads, permanently, and let's lock up all violent offenders (especially rapists/pedophiles) PERMANENTLY. You cannot be serious about, nor should you be wasting your time worrying about, made-up nonsensical fears such as smart meters. I'm much more afraid of the potential panic & misinformation which could eminate from not-so-smart citizens.
Malaprop September 05, 2011 at 12:52 AM
Chris: As someone who thinks that they are the arbiter of what I am free to do, would you mind providing the name of the utility that "immediately" replaced your friend's mother's meter, along with the city and approximate date? I would like to research the customer service policiies of that utility.
Malaprop September 05, 2011 at 01:04 AM
Thank you FEEDA! Perhaps I can arbitrarily determine which activities of my neighbors imposes a risk on me? Can I choose their lawn chemicals? How about their paint? Maybe I object to their using natural gas because it has the risk of exploding. Or perhaps I can stop them from using oil, which may leak. Perhaps their gardener chooses plants that potentially may cause an allergic reaction to someone who might move into the community. Should we police their nail polish, hairspray or laundry detergent? Let's go through the list of all items to which someone somewhere objects and just ban them.
Komfort September 05, 2011 at 01:17 AM
I thought the “left-wingers” wanted the Smart Grid. This is really confusing. Even more confusing is it now seems like Malaprop’s neighbors had a choice over their smart meter.
2 sides to every story September 05, 2011 at 02:24 AM
That is interesting, however, I viewed this video on youtube where I found other videos by the same person. The one I watched next was where they were showing how screen can shield RF. They used examples of a cell phone (they found one to use that did have a higher RF emission so they must just have been picky on which ones they used for the first video) they also showed a cell tower off in the distance, a neighbors cordless phone, and a wifi. It seems there are many things that can be causing your symptoms if in fact it is an RF problem causing your illness. Do you have cordless phones as most of us do? Do you have wifi at your house? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-oJnvCZrt4&feature=related
Susan Brinchman September 05, 2011 at 03:56 PM
No cordless, wifi, no rf sources are bearable now that the smart meters have caused sensitization to rf radiation (similar to an allergic response to rf). Going close to the smart meter is like touching a hot stove, immediately sinuses close tight (swell shut) and headache, dizziness ensue. Staying away doesn't produce that. It is as clear as touching the hot stove. The measurement of these devices is the same. The closer you get to the source, the higher the reading (the more the reaction).
2 sides to every story September 05, 2011 at 04:27 PM
Even if you don't have wifi or cordless phones your neighbors likely do. Sounds like you need to move to a rural area if you have sensitivity. These things aren't going to go away no matter how many blogs you post on the patch.
Komfort September 05, 2011 at 05:04 PM
At least we may find the true rf output from a Smart Meter, 2 sides. That will help with moving plans.
James Davis September 05, 2011 at 05:39 PM
Malaprop, do you have evidence of cost hikes from other utilities companies when smart meters were given an opt out option for households? Unless you are a decision maker for a utility company or just guessing what financial impact that would have to customers and the amortization schedule passed on to households, I am not entirely sure how accurate your comment is.
James Davis September 05, 2011 at 06:17 PM
Susan, I completely disagree. The letter isnt coming from an 18 year old flipping burgers at a fast food joint, giving their opinion on whether a PS3 is worse off for you than an XBOX 360. I get that this is your "thing" but the last thing we need is a battle of credibility here as AGAIN we are dealing with intangible nature and potentially unfounded effects of Smart Meter exposure. All I care about is the end game here. Will the utility companies AT LEAST provide an opt out? Any other quotes from subjective camps sound trite at best but I get the intention, which is irrelevant to me. Just like we have options to use RF devices in our personal lives, we should have the oppt to opt out. Plain and simple. I am not a marketing expert, but these subjective occurrences of connecting the dots which lead to some negative outcome sound like they are covering all bases for your cause. Extreme, but understood.
Susan Brinchman September 06, 2011 at 02:06 AM
Before the smart meter, no sensitivity. This is to the meters, it is clearly felt from these, which are up to 160 times the rf emissions of a cell phone and was placed less than a foot from my head on the bedroom wall. I refuse to allow SDG&E to run me out of my home and town. No way in hell. The rural areas are experiencing far greater emissions as the signals are ramped up to cross the distances. Worse for people who get ill from the meters in the rural areas. People would rather imagine that only a few people are at risk and too bad for them they can go somewhere, like Indians sent to a reservation. No, it is not like that. We are ALL at risk, this is an assault on our health, lives, properties, and families. The public needs to wake up and fight these here, like they are in Northern CA.
Diane Nagby September 07, 2011 at 03:31 AM
Does Malaprop have a life or a job? Does he ever leave the computer? I guess the job defending the utility companies must pay overtime. Why not let some real people comment and let up on the attacks for a while. See if you can manage to tear yourself away from the computer for 15 minutes - - oh, I guess wouldn't get paid as much if you did that. Do they actually pay you by the comment? Just curious.
Chris September 07, 2011 at 09:59 PM
People far left and far right oppose meters. People used to say allergies like those to peanuts couldn't hurt you but people died. There are many problems in society but stopping an unnecessary and UNPROVEN TECHNOLOGY with the potential to do harm has an easy solution. Don't put them in until you independently investigate what this does to sensitive people, pets, children and the environment. Don't your children and all children deserve as much??? Are you aware that no one has investigated environmental impacts from RF radiation? It was just approved. Talk about special interests getting what they want! I can't build a house without permits and approvals. There are studies that just one phone can disrupt a bee hive and insect communications. With massive bee die offs we shouldn't be doing anything until we have investigated the consequences. After all, when these smart meter signals blanket the entire state it could destroy the agricultural economy if it disrupts the bee population any more that we currently have. Bees account for 80% of our plant growth in flowering. That means we could lose 80% of our food production. It used to be the sensitive were honored in our society because they are the first to experience the problem. If you get cancer 10 years down the road from this you'll be sorry you didn't heed the warnings of those who are more sensitive. After all our elders heeded those warnings and they were able to prosper as a result.
Chris September 07, 2011 at 10:03 PM
I find it interesting that Malaprop keeps wanting personal information about customers. Utilities and doctors aren't allowed to give out any information so he couldn't research it unless he actually worked for a utility or might want to have a utility put pressure on a medical board. The Hippa Act still applies.
Jenny While September 23, 2011 at 10:52 PM
Dang, YouTube has finally failed me. I only wanted to post a clip and let it speak for itself, but I guess I'll just ask: Anyone remember the show Northern Exposure? Anyone remember the character Mike Monroe? Perhaps this is the solution anti-Smart Meter folks should consider. Just saying.
Chris September 24, 2011 at 09:17 PM
Why is Malaprop so interested in doctors who are helping patients and utilities that are trying to help with the opt out process??? It doesn't sound like "normal" regular people blogging to me. However, someone connected to Sempra Energy would have a vested interest in intimidating doctors, utilities, and those from the press who would help make opting out an option for all. After all, it is all about the money. The bottom line is it is not required to have a smart meter and no one in America should be forced to have anything that is toxic that they don't want put on their private property. Italy uses a wired solution. Why are California utilities so against doing something like that??? And in case you are wondering -- I'm not a Tea Partier. I'm a bleeding heart liberal. When both sides of the political spectrum are concerned about a problem, it shows that it is a problem and not hype.


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