Revealed: SDG&E Smart Meter Technical Data and Bio-Effects

Despite its insistence that SDG&E follows FCC guidelines, the new information may explain why so many are reporting headaches, ringing and clicking of ears, nausea and sleeplessness.

If you are an SDG&E or utility customer anywhere, you need to read this. Chances are near 100% that you already have a potentially dangerous new utility smart meter on your home and business, or will soon have one.

If you live in San Diego County or southern Orange County, you likely have a smart meter now. This article will present new, previously unavailable documents that will show just how harmful microwave emissions and smart meters can be, including a SDG&E technical report and military science report on the biological effects of pulsed rf radiation. Hold on to your seats; prepare to be horrified.

Evidence is piling up about the multiple hazards and risks of smart meters. The state of California’s public utility commission (CPUC) has heard many thousands of complaints, including those of 47 municipalities, such as Santa Barbara County and city, including demands for immediate relief, a moratorium, and immediate opt-out program for the wireless smart grid and smart meter program.

A smart meter installation delay list has recently been ordered by a CPUC Administrative Law Judge for all Californians without smart meters. Organizations such as the Center for Electrosmog Prevention, EMF Safety Network, UCAN, and TURN have been involved in legal filings with the state CPUC to protect consumers with an opt-out program, which is imminent, and may be available in January 2012.

The option, however, may be insufficient to protect the public. The state CPUC and utilities seem to be leaning toward allowing consumers to opt-out of smart meters with yet another version of a smart meter, which allows the consumer to be charged by Time-of-Use [TOU] rates due in 2012, very unpopular where these have been implemented. [You will be charged by the time of day and season that you use energy, and the rates will increase dramatically during the peak hours of each day, a disincentive to use electricity then, a major problem for people at home or living in places where they must heat and cool their homes.]

In addition, people who have received the electronic digital meters still complain of the same health effects. According to experts, the likely-to-be-proposed replacements, solid-state, electronic digital meters, will still cause exposure to pulsed radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic emissions on home wiring, and consumers will be charged extra to receive them.

This is NOT what the public deserves, NOT what those sick from smart meters want, NOT what the CPUC should promote, as they are charged with oversight of safety of the smart grid per SB 17, the smart grid law in California, and protection of the public.  

SDG&E’s recent technical report on smart meter radiofrequency emissions[1] provides the general public with detailed information, allowing a window into the pulsed radiofrequency microwave radiation we are being newly subjected to by California utility companies in a completely unprecedented manner.

The SDG&E response was made to a ruling by concerned CPUC Administrative Law Judge Amy Kikugawa in charge of statewide opt-out planning for the smart meter fiasco. SDG&E’s document reveals technical data showing that its customers are being subjected to virtually continuous pulses of microwave radiation (up to 23,000+ pulses in a 24 hour period, up to every 3 seconds).

This is felt by some observers to be radically different than the “spin” previously given – the claim that “minute,” “occasional,” “infrequent” radiofrequency exposures that are “harmless” and "less than all other sources” is clearly not true, finally revealed with the forced production of this document.

Previous information appears to have misled the public, focusing on transmissions (sending usage data to the utility) that comprise 10% of the duty cycle, while ignoring the near-continuous network maintenance (90%) (receiving and sending - view the YouTube video in Media, to the right of this article, entitled "Dark Side of Smart Meters" to understand the mesh network).

[The report, which may be yet be considered a potential new spin, RESPONSE OF SAN DIEGO GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY (U 902 E) ON THE ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE’S RULING SEEKING CLARIFICATION, is found, in full, in Media – PDFs, at right of this article, and at links below the article.]

Despite its insistence that SDG&E follows FCC guidelines, the new information may explain why so many are reporting headaches, ringing and clicking of ears, nausea, and sleeplessness, amongst other symptoms, when combined with scientific information on the health and biological effects of pulsed radiofrequency microwave radiation.  

View SDG&E’s technical document in the Media – PDFs section, at right of this article. Watch SDG&E defend its smart meters at the CPUC Smart Meter Opt-Out Workshop of Sept. 14, 2011. Learn why one California expert, Cindy Sage, feels that FCC guidelines for radiofrequency exposure are not being met for smart meters at http://sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf/, and in fact, may exceed those guidelines by tens of thousands of times, in addition to being inadequate, particularly for those with smaller body sizes, including women and children.

Keep in mind that the wireless smart grid system is in its infancy and if allowed to progress according to its planners, will subject us to exponentially more rf radiation than we receive at this point, including sending and receiving data from all your major appliances, inside the home and operating more frequently, in real time vs. the “infrequent” data transmissions for usage to the utility.

Thus, it is possible that those of us who are now sick will be sicker, and those of you not feeling the effects may join us, with increased exposures.

A recently declassified U.S. Army scientific study[2]] on the bio effects of radiofrequency microwave radiation for the purposes of the development of new weaponry and behavioral control (currently in use by military and police) reveals that microwave radiation exposures have been linked to a large number of biological and health effects.

Many of the effects they note are virtually identical to the unusual clusters of health complaints of people (also related to reactions of their pets) following the installation of smart meters, routinely denied by the state utility regulatory commission (CPUC) and utilities.

These include increased aggression and irritability, inhibition of food and drink intake, increased mobility or conversely, incapacitation via loss of muscle control, muscle weakness, intense muscle spasms, loss of consciousness; cognitive effects such as loss of memory and confusion; microwave hearing (buzzing, ticking, hissing, or knocking sounds that originate within the head or behind it), and even damage to multiple organs or the brain, seizures (convulsions), and death.

This study clearly supports that subtle heating of tissue does occur with radiofrequency microwave radiation, associated with these undesirable and potentially very dangerous biological effects.

Importantly, U.S. Army scientists agree with a growing number of independent scientists worldwide, in emphatically stating that 100% of the human population is susceptible to radiofrequency microwave radiation effects, caused by subtle heating, with some sectors of the population more reactive at lower doses, including those with thermoregulatory mechanisms (impacting temperature control, respiration, water loss).

[I should note that I am one of these persons, with asthma and temperature regulation problems. One may contemplate whether those on certain medications that impact temperature regulation and sweating might also fall into these categories.]

Significantly, likely pertaining to the ringing of ears (tinnitus) that people experience with smart meters, the U.S. Army study says this, with regard to exposure to pulsed microwave radiation: “At this time, virtually all investigators have studied the [microwave hearing, acoustic] phenomenon now accepted as thermoelastic expansion of the brain, the pressure wave of which is received and processed by the cochlear microphonics system, to be the mechanism of acoustic perception of short pulses of rf energy” (p. 8 of 20).

Notably, in one study, this microwave hearing was triggered through exposure to 2450 MHz radiofrequency energy, which is exactly one of the radiofrequencies used by antennas contained within current smart meters. “The sounds are heard as the individual pulses are absorbed. The effect is immediate, within milliseconds” (p.9 of 20). Army scientists describe a range of sensitivity, with some people unable to hear it, possibly due to cochlear damage.

Alarmingly, the Army study also describes additional aspects of microwave radiation that can control behavior, including a particularly troubling application of this technology: the induction of externally produced messages, simulating voices, into the human brain.

“Application of the microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission. It may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology. Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard " voices within one's head."” (p. 10 of 20). [see Media-Pdf’s for full Bioeffects of Nonlethal Weapons report]

Thus, we see that those concerned about the placement of the smart meter devices on every building in America by state and federal governments, working closely with the multinationally owned and controlled utility industry, originating from the United Nations, are justified in their suspicions that the emissions from this two-way, bidirectional technology can be very harmful and the devices could be readily misused.

For instance, remotely increasing the signal strength and frequency of signals can induce more of the above bio effects. This could be selectively accomplished through hacking of the wireless smart grid network by terrorists or individuals, an insecure system that places the nation and our energy access at risk, already described as “really stupid …with no one in charge” by former CIA Director Woolsey on Aug. 14, 2011: “A so-called smart grid that’s as vulnerable as what we’ve got is not smart at all. It’s a really, really stupid grid”[3], or by a malevolent government, industry, or individuals within it.

Individuals or groups can be readily targeted. Please remember that most smart meters are made in China, the same location that brought us Chinese drywall and lead-contaminated toys for children. Consider that $100 million of our federal taxpayer-financed Recovery Act funds, intended to stimulate jobs and our own economy, went into the development of the Chinese-made smart meters, producing less than 60 jobs statewide.

Thanks to the Obama and White House policies and financing, the smart grid and its dangerous, insidious microwave-radiation dependent network is set to be instituted within every state, in the coming few years, without regard for health or “biological effects” on humans and animals. This plan is also, in the opinion of many, without regard for our national security or the security of our energy sources.

We have a choice; the time is now. Either sit silently in your homes, rationalizing that “everything is dangerous,” and let America be destroyed or speak out and take action to demand the elimination of smart meters and the wireless smart grid. Microwave radiation emitting devices that can cause physical harm and wireless devices emitting microwave radiation using the same technologies placed on our neighborhood power lines should have no place in America.

Call and write the White House, your Congressmen, state legislators, CPUC Commissioners (appointed by Governor Brown) and all your local elected county supervisors and city officials, demanding that the wireless smart grid program be halted, opt-out program utilizes electrosmechanical meters (analog) only, and that wireless be removed from the grid entirely.

Help distribute information about smart meters to your friends, family, and neighbors. Fliers are available at www.electrosmogprevention.org, where you may join us as a member, supporting our legal filings to the CPUC. Call media (including SD Union-Tribune, the Reader, and all national and local TV news stations) and demand extensive investigative articles on this topic that are not simply spitting out the utility experts’ spin, demand that the smart meter blackout end for their news coverage, despite their income from utility advertisements.

Support organized groups to demand that smart meters and the wireless smart grid are banned. Start some of your own. Set up local forums to discuss these issues. Learn more. Discuss. Meet. Protest. Demand. Take action.

Beware of the spin doctors, the hired guns on this issue, who will deny the dangers. This is about saving America, as well as your loved ones, from disastrous health consequences, potential for misuse and behavioral control, invasion of privacy, severe security risks, with irreversible damages to our freedoms, particularly in our own homes and businesses. It is difficult to imagine anything more important.

Susan Brinchman, Director

Center for Electrosmog Prevention, a CA nonprofit




For more information on credible scientific positions on smart meters, expert reports and comments, and rf radiation research, go to:

Smart Meter Dangers www.smartmeterdangers.org

Center for Electrosmog Prevention www.electrosmogprevention.org

EMF Safety Network www.emfsafetynetwork.org

Stop Smart Meters www.stopsmartmeters.org

Refuse Smart Meters www.refusesmartmeters.com


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Susan Brinchman November 17, 2011 at 09:38 PM
SDG&E CAUGHT LYING ABOUT MAJOR SMART METER BILL INACCURACIES WITH RAMONA MAN - A MUST-WATCH! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO TRUST THESE PEOPLE? RIGHT! Michael Turko aired this show yesterday: http://www.kusi.com/video?clipId=6460474&autostart=true for the video, http://www.kusi.com/story/16059006/not-telling-the-truth for a summary. DO YOU HAVE A SMART METER NIGHTMARE? CONTACT TURKO AT 858-571-FILE.
Ray Songtree November 18, 2011 at 12:08 AM
Dear Mr. Malaprop, The way to smear, as you know is to pick 1% and attack it. The 99% I'm talking about are not scientists but ALL the evidence of privacy, health, and globalist issues. RF radiations are dangerous and can be weaponized if you even read the article. This has been known at least since 70;s. So the big money , like time-warner or verizon or nokia who sell dangerous toys are not likely to disclose their dangers are they? If you want to have a spat about a puddle and ignore the tsunami of untested wireless technology imposed on a dumbed down public, go ahead, don't protect your kids. Expose them to all known carcinogens. There was nothing misleading in my post to anyone who looks at big picture. By the way, I'm not offended. I don't believe you are a fool, I think you are paid to write this stuff. Nice gig. But when are you going to get a RF radiation shield for your own cell phone, or like me, get rid of it all together. I won't argue with you about a puddle, you may be correct, but Susan Brinchman is a hero and i'm proud to be trying to do something like she is in my state. As for you, what is a win for you, unregulated and unquestioned industry and the complete censorship of any problems??? Only an employee could defend Smart Meters. Perhaps you should also defend Big Tobacco and asbestos and a return to leaded gasoline.
Malaprop November 18, 2011 at 12:39 AM
(This is a repost of something I deleted earlier...) Mr. Songtree resorts to logical fallacy in order to prop Ms. Brinchman as we continue to expose her deceptive arguments. His post lacks specifics -- where are the 99 legitimate scientists to counter the disgraced Olle Johansson? The statement "Will Verizon or Time-Warner first warn public about wireless cancer?" is irrelevant and deceptive. The statement "If the product is dangerous the corporation will not admit it" is not equivalent to "If corporation does not admit it the product causes cancer." This fallacy of asserting the converse deliberately confuses the public and is a tool of charlatans. If we strip the misleading statements from Mr. Songtree's post, we can see that he has actually stated nothing.
Malaprop November 18, 2011 at 01:47 AM
@Ray: Please describe **any** evidence you have that indicates I am paid for this "gig." Why is it not possible for someone simply to be disgusted with the ignorance, deception and conspiracy theories that permeate this issue? "RF Weapons can be weaponized" -- This is another scare tactic to mislead the public. Just about anything can be applied in sufficient dosage to cause harm -- water and sound can be weaponized. You are merely packaging obvious principles of toxicology in order to deceive -- this is what quacks do. "Only an employee could defend smart meters" -- this is a very silly platitude. "Perhaps you should defend Big Tobacco..." now how does tobacco fit into this? Are you going off topic to distract readers from the serious flaws of the anti-smart meter movement? These arguments are incoherent and childish.
Malaprop November 18, 2011 at 01:58 AM
Interesting that Ms. Brinchman, who states: "At some point, your name and IP address may be court ordered." rails against attorneys above. Actually, some attorneys have been looking at wireless technologies for their next big payday. "Hatred of what corporations (multinational especially) are doing to destroy America" Here we go off topic and rambling. Perhaps Ms. Brinchman thinks the corporations should just go away?
Deanna Munson November 18, 2011 at 09:57 AM
i dont know how u deal with these corprate losers susan.those of us sick from these meters still cant see how anyone but those profiting from this scheme could possibly think people would be wasting valuable time making up THOUSANDS of stories from ALL OVER THE WORLD(everywhere these damaging devices have been placed,in these busy times.what i would like to know from them:for what gain??what is our nefarious motive here shills??what??so...were lying???why???how would that ever benefit ANY of us??
Kevin George November 18, 2011 at 05:48 PM
Is Ed Begley jr a " corporate loser"? He was interviewed on MSNBC this morning and was asked " What is the most important development in environmentalism in the last five years?" His answer: THE SMART GRID!
Malaprop November 18, 2011 at 10:01 PM
In any population there are always people on the tail of a distribution who are inclined to believe conspiracy theories or suffer from psychological disorders. Then there are those who use these people for financial or political gain. The WHO states "EHS has no clear diagnostic criteria and there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to EMF exposure." I accept the WHO's analysis and conclude that this blog attracts those who have psychologically based EHS. I believe they should receive effective psychological treatment, if any exists, but they are not in a position to determine the future of the smart grid. There is another group of people who do not suffer from EHS but who believe, despite the overwhelming evidence against it, that smart meters cause disease. Finally there are bad scientists, like the disgraced Olle Johansson and those who wrote the BioInitiative report. Some have spotted oppurtunities in anti-wireless mania that they exploit as "EMF consultants." To summarize, the opposition comes from either a psychological disorder, gullibility, ignorance or opportunism. These are shills and adversaries of scientific progress whom we must confront.
Chris November 19, 2011 at 03:41 AM
This sounds like Sempra Energy. A local electrician I know was trying to install wiring on a new home being built. The smart meter said that there was electricity coming to the home but the electrician verified that this wasn't true. After 3 days of telling the utility that the meter was not registering electricity because there wasn't any coming to the home, they finally sent someone out to confirm the electrician was right and SCE was wrong. The builder was being billed for electricity they were not receiving. No one should have a system that cannot be independently verified.
Malaprop November 19, 2011 at 03:59 AM
@Chris: I am extremely suspicious of each of your anecdotes and find them neither credible nor meaningful.
Chris November 19, 2011 at 04:21 AM
Malpoop you are sadly wrong again. Just because the medical profession doesn't know how to test for something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. For example, for years doctors thought that ulcers were the result of "nervous" people with psychological problems. As it turns out, ulcers are caused by a bacteria. Doctors didn't know what to test for and as a result blamed the victim incorrectly. I've known 3 people that reacted and got extremely ill when smart meters were installed in their homes. All 3 had no information about the meters but can track their illnesses to when the smart meters were installed. Most importantly they all had the symptoms noted in US military testing to be valid. When they've gone to places without the meters their symptoms have left them until they go back home. Being ill from smart meters isn't a psychological problem it is a physical one being brought on innocent customers due to corporate greed to make a buck at the expense of our society. By the way, I don't really care whether or not you believe me because I have received my information directly from those made ill. You dismiss anyone with a contrary experience because it doesn't support your claims. Why can't you accept that some people are more sensitive than others to RF radiation? Sweden and our own US military have figured that out. Or are those governments wrong too?
Malaprop November 19, 2011 at 04:54 AM
@Chris: "You dismiss anyone with a contrary experience because it doesn't support your claims." Actually the WHO dismisses you -- I just happen to agree.
Susan Brinchman November 20, 2011 at 07:13 PM
New video: Is your cell phone killing you? http://youtu.be/I7_sBnSrHpE, this New Zealand Documentary exposes the dangers of emf's (electromagnetic frequency fields including rf radiation) and how the industry influences the very weak standards. Since cell phone exposures are 160X less than rf radiation from smart meters (which emit 24/7 rf radiation), and heavy users are defined as 30 minutes daily, this documentary will open your eyes to cell phone, cell tower, powerline, and smart meter dangers (unless your paycheck depends on defending rf radiation as safe). Many independent scientists are interviewed and show graphic examples (photos) of the leakage of the blood-brain barrier and DNA breakage resulting from cells "stressed" by rf radiation and emf's. This is irrefutable. They then go on to explain how those authorities who make the standards or issue guidelines are heavily influenced by industry. Watching the entire segment is educational, it gets more damning as the documentary proceeds. I have added this to Media above, as well.
Malaprop November 20, 2011 at 10:06 PM
" Watching the entire segment is educational" Yes, you will learn quite a bit about propaganda, deception, media bias and quackery. While this production did show the skeptics point of view it was heavily biased in favor of those who promote fear. Appeals to fear bring higher ratings than the more accurate and boring results -- no conclusive evidence. The prime example of that bias is the accusation of industry influence. The research that shows negative conclusions is always considered tied to industry, while results that show correlations with some bad effect are considered "independent." The the studies mentioned from Sweden were authored by Dr. Lennart Hardell. The show says nothing about his funding, although it is well-known that Dr. Hardell was called as an expert witness for the plaintiff in the $800 million lawsuit Newman vs. Motorola et. al. This blatant conflict goes unmentioned. Nobody questions the funding or motives of Drs. Blank or Carpenter who were participants in Cindy Sage's BioInitiative report. Who fund's the environmental lawyer and why is her partiality unchallenged? There is a farmer who abandons her land because animals get sick from a broadcast antennae. This is highly doubtful -- there are more powerful antennae in cities and we do not hear complaints about these. Ms. Brinchman may enjoy this propaganda since it supports her quack science but any skeptic can see right through it.
Susan Brinchman November 20, 2011 at 10:23 PM
More on tinnitus and ringing of ears related to rf radiation etc. Wiring emissions are also a problem with smart meters and the smart grid: DSL Noise over Powerlines http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mLtygxIaFs One family's fight to reduce the audible sound from power lines. Power Line Noise http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/environ/tehachapi_renewables/FS7.pdf http://www.powerlinenoise.com/ http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=what-causes-the-noise-emi http://nepa.energy.gov/nepa_documents/docs/deis/eis0344/AppxB1_audnoise.pdf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPbxaRM-7Uo The Frey Effect - Microwave hearing http://sites.google.com/site/nationalenvironmentsociety/ears-ringing- http://www.enotes.com/topic/Frey_effect http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_auditory_effect http://www.fact-archive.com/encyclopedia/Frey_effect Tinnitus http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/hearing/tinnitus http://thebrightesthub.com/what-does-tinnitus-sounds-like/ ------------------- I have been told by people in Europe that there are filters used with their smart meters that we do not have here, to reduce emissions on the wiring.
Malaprop November 21, 2011 at 02:37 AM
Taking a break... Here's wishing Kevin, Doug, Susan, Chris and everyone else a very Happy Thanksgiving. My Hong Kong handlers are imposing a week vacation -- oops, I mean I'm taking a week off. Maybe I'll retire. Anyone have a good stuffing recipe? Regards to all...
Ray Songtree November 21, 2011 at 07:15 AM
Here Malaprop, have at it... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_hypersensitivity
Kevin George November 21, 2011 at 05:46 PM
Off to Canada for some therapeutic seal clubbing I'm sure. What else would a Sempra shill do with his spare time and ill gotten gains!:) See ya Mal, have a nice time!
Susan Brinchman November 22, 2011 at 09:04 PM
Administrative Law Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa is the primary person working on the smart meter opt-out plan for the state of CA. If you have information for her or wish to convey your opinion on whether you'd like a radiation (rf)-emitting (electronic digital meter) or a non-radiation emitting meter (analog, electromechanical) on your home or business, you may contact Judge Yip-Kikugawa at email: awk@cpuc.ca.gov, phone : (415) 703-5256. She is the judge who ran the smart meter opt-out workshop in San Francisco at the CPUC auditorium. A writeup of that meeting and video that covers every minute, is available at "The Great CPUC Dog and Pony Show" (aka Smart Meter Opt-Out Workshop) http://lamesa.patch.com/blog_posts/the-great-cpuc-dog-and-pony-show-aka-smart-meter-opt-out-workshop.
Kiku Lani Iwata November 28, 2011 at 10:38 PM
This article brings up such helpful information. There are people who say they have been "harassed" by microwave hearing effects targeting them, and have gone to court about this -- perhaps the ear ringing effect from smart meters could also be a form of harassment or torture? It would be terrible to have to be subjected to constant ear ringing and buzzing, etc., on a continous basis.
Deanna Munson December 04, 2011 at 04:51 AM
yes,susan,thank u so much for continuing,despite the curlees and malaprops,to expose these nefarious devices and helping to bring the truth to the forefront.your my hero
Deanna Munson December 04, 2011 at 04:58 AM
theres more than just a media blackout here in oregon regarding these meters.u simply cant find any information on the subject whatso ever except an old article regarding solar powered parking smartmeters and some scandalous payoff to impose those devices throughout downtown portland.i cant even find my comments by way of google when i google oregon smartmeters.nothing.i wish i could find away to search from a different location/state to see if i get the sma result.its most likely because every tree here that isnt already dead from these devices are dying rapidly,and people care about the trees here.thats why alot of people move here...for the trees
Deanna Munson December 04, 2011 at 05:20 AM
and then what happens when everyone runs their electricity at night instead.stupid idea.and saving energy is far from the actual intent of these devices.they are surveillance devices and a way to eliminate most of the employees/meter readers.there IS no benefit to the consumer what so ever
Deanna Munson December 04, 2011 at 05:23 AM
the cost to the environment is even worse,not to mention the illnesses.i am no longer functional.mentally or physicly.my memory,short term and long ,has been destroyed,i cannot focus ,and feel worse than having the stomache flu all day all night.the frogs were wiped out less than 2weeks after install,before they turned on the wireless,and the trees are dead and decomposing.i can only imagine how fast colony collapse disorder will be complete
Deanna Munson December 04, 2011 at 05:48 AM
these devices are deadly to all life.the less electricity i use,the more the price keeps going up on my bill.all the trees are dead or dying here,and the whole entire frog population has been wiped out from the ground current even before they turned the wireless on along with all other life in the creek.the pine trees are burning alive,and my cats no longer spend time indoors.one wont even come in to eat.my son began having cluster headaches,morning vomiting,and nose bleeds EVERYDAY.i sent him to live with his dad in another city.once these meters are installed in your city,you will NEVER get them to remove them,even with a note from a doctor verifying the device caused your heartattack or stroke.you will get no where fast legally either.many have tried..they are not compatible with solar panels,so throw that idea out the door.city unemployment #'s soar when people get too sick to preform the duties of their job,and meter readers get kicked to the curb.the "sales pitch"is dandy, also a fraudulent farce.their"safety"data on these devices is a joke,and the devices themselves have never been UL tested(underwriters laboratory).look up smartmeter opposition.uwill find whole states and provinces battling desparately to have them removed.some places have criminalizedthem,and to no avail,because they won't stopinstalling once they start.people who were'nt sensitive before to wifi/cellphone signals will be after they install smartmeters,and have no where torun for relief.its a trap
Burkey February 22, 2013 at 04:08 AM
@Kevin I'm really glad Susan Brinchman is contributing to this conversation as much as she is. It's time well spent, because she's right.
Burkey February 22, 2013 at 04:11 AM
@Kevin Oh well if Ed Begley Jr. said it, it MUST be true! lol
Susan Brinchman February 22, 2013 at 08:29 PM
For those of you who don't know it, there is now a "paid" smart meter opt-out available in CA for gas and electric smart meters (for PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE customers). To learn more about this go to Smart Meter Opt-out Forms & Flyers http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/stop-ca-smart-meter-news/san-diego-county-smart-meter-news/cep-smart-meter-opt-out-and-other-fliers-to-share/. It is paid because the utilities claim it is an extra service and the CPUC colluded on the idea of a payment. Our organization, Center for Electrosmog Prevention, is a party to the CPUC Opt-out Proceedings, which are in Phase 2, and is demanding that the fees be removed and refunded, that they are discriminatory and illegal under California law. We do encourage you to contact your utility and "opt-out" even if you are in an apt building with multiple meters nearby. The emissions along your home wiring will also be reduced when you have an electromechanical meter again. www.electrosmogprevention.org for more info.
Brian Thiesen March 15, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Info, science, data, plain english, pictures.... http://bcfreedom.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/death-lies-and-mutations-what-the-military-kept-from-the-public-on-microwave-radiation/ http://bcfreedom.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/death-lies-and-mutations-what-the-military-kept-from-the-public-on-microwave-radiation-part-2/
Brian Thiesen March 15, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Nice work Susan, check these out! http://bcfreedom.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/death-lies-and-mutations-what-the-military-kept-from-the-public-on-microwave-radiation/ http://bcfreedom.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/death-lies-and-mutations-what-the-military-kept-from-the-public-on-microwave-radiation-part-2/


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