Living Nightmare: How SDG&E Smart Meter Led to Headaches, Hearing Loss

Who would think that a utility company would come on your property and install something dangerous and leave it there?

One day in the middle of May 2010, SDG&E workers came to my La Mesa home to install a new meter for both my gas and electric service. They did the same for my neighbors. I remember their trucks and the boxes on the sidewalk. How quickly they did it and left. How we turned off our computer and TV to prevent a power surge.

When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge, it is sometimes said. 

I really didn't pay much attention to these installations, assuming that they were similar to the old ones, just digital. Boy, was I wrong. As an active, retired educator, I never expected that the challenge would come in the form of harmful radiation coming from these new utility "smart" meters installed by SDG&E. But that is just what has happened.

Please note that everyone in our county and throughout SDG&E's territory had these installed in the past year and a half, except for a handful of people. None of us were told of any risks.

Shortly after, when I began to have ringing ears and sleeplessness, I wondered why but kept thinking it would disappear. I'd hear ringing in my ears no matter what time of day. Even in the night, and it would be more apparent when it was quiet, it seemed.

At night, I'd wake up suddenly around 2:00 or 2:30 AM, the same time every night, wide awake, and have trouble getting back to sleep for several hours. Some nights I didn't sleep much at all, just a couple of hours.

This was also occuring to other members of the household, at times. There were peculiar symptoms that some of us experienced that we could not explain but was making life very complicated.

Last summer was a rough time as a result. There were some headaches. I spent time reading in my room, something I like to do to relax. By fall, things didn't get any better, but worse.

Add to the list, by October, a rapidly growing skin cancer on my face, looked like a largish pencil eraser, you could practically watch it grow ... and it hurt.

The doctors took a bit of time to schedule me in and removed it in January — cut it out, leaving a scar. By the end of November, I noticed in addition to the ringing ears and other symptoms, that I suddenly was extremely nauseous, dizzy, and developing headaches when I used my computer or cell phone.

I'd always kept a good distance from the cell phone for safety sake, used speaker mode, but that wasn't helping.

In frustration, I called a local environmental doctor I'd seen for a workplace mold exposure many years before. I remembered he knew something about electro-sensitivities and thought he might know what was going on. I told him about the computer and cell phone reactions, but nothing else, as I didn't think those things were pertinent. Wrong again.

He asked if I had a smart meter on the house.

I said, "Yes, but what does that have to do with it?" I thought he was changing the subject. He asked if I had any other symptoms and went down a list that included the ringing ears, sleeping problems, and more ... He said that a number of his patients were reporting these same symptoms after installation.

During the few days before I got into see this doctor, I wrote and called SDG&E, with a negative response to my requests to remove the smart meters.

While seeing the doctor, I was shocked to learn more about the new SDG&E meters, that they emitted pulsed RF radiation, something experts warn about, and that many other people in California had the same symptoms after installations of the meters. Further, my electric meter was right near the place where my head lay on the pillow, less than a foot, on the exterior wall. That was very unsettling. 

But I felt confident that I could solve this problem as the doctor wrote me a letter that strongly demanded SDG&E remove the meter and replace with an analog as it was causing medical problems for me. In addition, he cited the Americans With Disabilities Act, as I qualified for that category. 

He provided me with a handful of current peer-reviewed scientific studies that showed this type of radiation and frequency was associated with the exact set of symptoms I had experienced.

I went home, letter and studies in hand, and filed a complaint with SDG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), attaching my doctor's letter.

My husband and I moved out of the master bedroom, temporarily, to wait for the meter to be removed. I bought shielding for my computer, to be able to use it.

Meanwhile, I made numerous calls to SDG&E. Some left me in tears. It was very troubling to be emphatically told by the SDG&E representatives over the phone that the meters were perfectly safe and were mandated by the state CPUC. I called the state CPUC and they claimed that the federal government was making them mandate these for the state.

Then, they changed their story. The CPUC admitted that it had authorized the use of wireless smart meters, not mandated them. SDG&E never backed down from their stance that everyone was going to have them, there was no "opting" out. I waited for my letters to be arrived and acted on.

Eventually, I received a reply, within a week from SDG&E and about a month or more from the CPUC. Both sent what appeared to be personalized form letters, both denied the possibility of harm from the meters, and both said there was no chance of having the meters removed from my home. I remember bursting into tears when reading these.

It was inconceivable to me that my home, my haven, would be polluted with dangerous radiation that was making me ill and no one in charge of these devices cared at all or would remove them. Ever. My doctor was shocked that they would ignore his letter. 

As I researched this problem, for the first time in my life, I knew I was facing what seemed like a challenge without any recourse. And to top things off, the sensitivities to what turned out to be RF radiation, were getting worse by the month. I could not use my computer for several weeks, no more cell phone use, I had to strictly avoid all wireless and RF radiation sources.

My life seemed turned upside down. Headaches, when going near the electric meter, in particular, inside or outside, were progressing into the most severe I'd ever imagined, lasting for up to three days, with chills and dizziness, memory problems ... Sleeping problems continued, the ringing of the ears got more intense till the sound actually hurt and there was loud clicking in my right ear. I later learned this was called "microwave click" from RF radiation exposure. 

During several weeks, pain in the right ear was like someone stabbing it. I went to the doctor a lot during this time, to my primary doctor and the environmental doctor, when I could.

Both were supportive and avoidance seemed to be their main suggestions. I stopped going in the master bedroom to obtain clothing and other belongings as needed. I had to ask other family members to get them and move them out into another room.

An ear, nose and throat doctor diagnosed me with significant hearing loss in the painful ear and hearing loss in both ears, noting that it was a result of exposure to electromagnetic fields. He commented that he had some other patients like this, and to avoid the meters. The ringing ears continued.

I was determined to get help, but must tell you how awful it felt to be dismissed so mercilessly by SDG&E and CPUC. It seemed like a living nightmare. I kept calling and writing SDG&E and CPUC, without any help being given. We were still living outside of our master bedroom and bathroom — and in a small house, this was causing problems.

After talking with a number of activists and experts, including scientists, around the state who had more information than me, I scheduled several consultations with electrical engineers with a specialty in RF radiation. They advised that certain metals are what work to shield from the radiation.

A series of experiments resulted, with me trying out their suggestions, to see if anything worked. We shielded, following their directions, behind the meter on the interior wall. This gave relief from the shrill, high-pitched ringing that was painful, it reduced it to a lower level. We still could not occupy the bedroom.

In fact, things were getting worse for me by the month, as I would get an immediate headache and sinuses swelled shut, heart palpitations (typical of RF radiation reactions to overexposures), it seemed like my immune system was saying, "hey, stay away."

I was a slow learner. I remember trying about twelve times in three months to enter the room, running in for just seconds. Didn't work. Headaches for three days. Sick often and had to cancel activities.

I felt increasingly like this was incredible and there HAD to be a way to get this problem solved. Learned about many others, in fact, thousands and thousands of others had filed officially with CPUC on these very health issues related to the smart meters.

By March and April, I watched online as the ill ones went twice a month into the CPUC meetings and explained their symptoms in tears or anger to the very uncaring CPUC commissioners, in the one minute each was given. I cried with them, watching. I kept thinking, this cannot be happening in America. Then the thoughts came: We cannot let this keep happening in America.

Many Northern Californians knew about the problem of the smart meters and radiation — being more environmentally aware and not trusting PG&E, their local utility, after years of other types of problems, such as the poisoning of the town of Hinkley, CA (memorialized in the movie Erin Brokovich).  

They had activists protesting smart meters, laying down in front of trucks sent out to install the meters, with news articles by the hundreds. In Northern California, I was encouraged that local governments, inspired by passionate activists, became concerned about protecting the health and safety of their citizens and passed ordinances to ban or even criminalize the installation of smart meters.

The numbers grew - 20 - 30 - 40, including many major counties, such as Marin. There was even a smart meter bill in our state legislature, to effect a moratorium. As I suffered adjusting to the new life without use of my full home, and the changes in my health, I pondered all this.

Southern Californians didn’t have anyone who knew anything, no media coverage except for glowing articles about how wonderful our lives would be with the new meters — straight from the utilities' brochures.

No one I knew was informed, and it was hard to explain so they would be. Who would think that a utility company would come on your property and install something dangerous and leave it there?

I learned how the mesh network of these meters emit so much radiation it is like a blanket on our neighborhoods and even the rural areas now have it, and at higher levels, as the signals are stronger to cover the distances. I learned that people with pacemakers and implants were at risk for rf radiation interfering with the functioning of their devices. 

I wanted to feel well again. I was in a daily struggle. At the same time, I didn't want the state of California to be polluted with this new form of smog — electrosmog, impacting the public health, our pets, and wildlife.

I learned that a hundred million dollars of our Recovery Act funding had come down the pike quickly, funding much of the wireless meter development in a hasty manner, with environmental, health and safety testing waived by the CPUC. Recovery Act funds had paid for millions of meter readers to lose their jobs and the new meters to be made in China. That growing thousands of Californians were sick and some were worse off than me, even younger ones, with heart attack symptoms and more, die-offs being reported in some areas. Government steadfastly refusing to help in our state and some others where smart meters were also being rolled out. 

I began to get headaches from sleeping in the spare room at the end by the smart meter, so had to begin sleeping on the couch. My husband and I, together for nearly 40 years, no longer able to sleep together. 

I learned to avoid the smart meter at all times, keeping at least 12-15-20 feet away, and not use 1/3 of my house or yard. I learned how to force myself to accept that for the time being, but not for the rest of my life. I felt improved by doing so, but still had lower level ringing in the ears, enough to wake me up at night, and some sleeplessness, dizziness, low-level headaches.  

Other people had to be ill, too, in Southern California. They would never suspect the meters, as I had not.

I was trying to take care of myself while worrying about the bigger picture and public health problem. I learned of more people with very close exposures at night, on bedroom walls. Some of these were children, some I knew.

The So CA media I called were resistant to articles on the topic. I made a website and gathered the scientific information I was directed to by experts, placing it all in one place, www.smartmeterdangers.org. Less than ten people in our county knew something about the smart meter problems. 

I was trying to live as normally as possible in the face of this challenge, but was now living in the middle of my home, away from both smart meters (one at each end). Something more had to be done. This could not become the new normal, even if people didn't realize the dangers.

Then, in the midst of this, I found out that Helix Water District planned (very soon) to cover its territory with water smart meters, adding to the radiation. They had a large pilot study on Mt. Helix, 322 smart meters had been there for the past year. Of course, no one had been told of the risks.

My regular water meter was in the front of the house. When walking my dog, I'd be walking past all of the new smart meters they were planning to install. The water district assured me that it didn't matter as the radiation was low and wouldn't reach the house. I should stay inside all the time?

I'd heard of people abandoning their homes and going to live in their cars or tents in Northern California media stories, due to the radiation reactions. I didn't want to have this happen to me, here. The water meter would then potentially cause the middle of my home, the place I was occupying like a studio, to be unlivable.

This had to be stopped.

I nearly panicked but then realized I hadn't known in time to stop the deployment of the SDG&E meters, but I wasn't going to stand by while Helix Water District finished me off. I had to take a stand, and quickly.

Throughout all of this time, from early December through April, I kept thinking that this cannot happen in America. But it was. Something definitely had to be done, more, but what? I was struggling to stay well and struggling to figure out that answer.


SDG&E's answer to me:

Susan Brinchman
La Mesa, CA 91942
Re: Account #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

December 13,2010

Dear Ms. Brinchman:

I want to follow up on the December 7, 2010 telephone call to you by my colleague Shannon Ray to discuss your request for San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) to remove the electric smart meter installed at your home on May 6, 2010. Thank you for sharing your questions and concerns about SDG&E’s smart meters. We understand from your telephone communications, and from the doctor’s letter you faxed, that you are concerned that the radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields emitted from the smart meter wireless communication equipment could possibly contribute to your pre-existing health conditions. It is also our understanding that you declined SDG&E’s offer to take measurements of RF from the smart meter at your home. [Note: this is inaccurate, as I now do not trust SDGE, I did not want them INSIDE my home, they could measure from outside. sb]

SDG&E is committed to providing safe and reliable service for our customers, as well as a safe work place for our employees. To this end, we monitor the science concerning possible effects of RF from smart meters. The information that SDG&E has reviewed from the scientific community and regulators has not identified that radio frequencies, at the levels emitted by the smart meters, can cause adverse health effects. Specifically, we understand from respected agencies such as the World Health Organization, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, that there has been no demonstration of either long- or short-term health effects from RF exposure. Vole will continue to monitor the situation closely and respond as necessary to any new scientific information and studies released in the future.

As explained on SDG&E’s Smart Meter website (http://www.sdge.com/smartmeter/faq.shtml) the meters near your home transmit a radio frequency only a few times each day and only for a few seconds each time, for an average total of less than one minute. When the meters are transmitting, your exposure to RF from the smart meter is much lower than the exposure from energy than smart meters!

I also wanted to mention that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has directed SDG&E to install smart meters at the homes and businesses of all of our customers and has carefully considered any potential for smart meters to affect health. SDG&E is a regulated company and required to comply with the CPUC program. Also, the Americans with Disabilities Act mentioned by your doctor, does not require SDG&E to remove your smart meter. We received your letter to the CPUC Consumer Affairs Branch, dated December 8, 2010, and we agree that such a submission is the next appropriate step in resolution of your request for removal of the meter at your home. In this regard, SDG&E has carefully reviewed available factual information, and at this time respectfully declines your request to remove the smart meter at your home.


Ted Reguly
SDG&E’s Smart Meter Program

Source: Richard Tell Associates. Inc

RF Energy Compared to a Smart Meter from 2 feet:

Microwave oven, two inches from door, 550 times more

Holding walkie-talkie at head, 55 – 4,600 times more

Cell phone at head, 3.2 -1.100 times more

Laptop computer, 1.1 – 2.2 times more

Wi-Fi cyber cafe, 1.1 – 2.2 times more

[Note: The Smart Meter is inches from my head, not two feet. Also, I do not accept the above table, as no authoritative references are given, and it is too general. Nowhere are the technology effects for Smart Meters deemed safe. sb]


Does this sound familiar? If you have had a similar experience following the installation of your smart meter(s) or know of someone who has, please tell us about it in a comment below this article. If you do not want to have a smart meter, tell us about it and why. For more information, go to www.electrosmogprevention.org. Write your local city/town councils, our County Board of Supervisors, SDG&E, and CPUC .

Send a copy to info@electrosmogprevention.org for multiple ratepayer submission to the CPUC,  and ken.stone@patch.com, noting whether you will allow publication in the Patch. Be sure to include your full contact information in any complaints and your SDG&E account number.

This post is contributed by a community member. The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Patch Media Corporation. Everyone is welcome to submit a post to Patch. If you'd like to post a blog, go here to get started.

Susan Brinchman August 15, 2012 at 03:35 PM
To read the legal briefs that led to the opt-out and are challenging the fees on the basis of discrimination against medically ill and disabled people, go to: http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/proceedings/A1103015.htm (SDG&E) http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/proceedings/A1107020.htm (SCE) http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/proceedings/A1103014.htm (PG&E) --------------------------------------------- There are multiple Parties to these CPUC proceedings. The main reason we have an opt-out are the health effects and political and societal pressures resulting from it. 57+ municipalities have criminalized the installation of, or taken a strong position banning, against smart meters, in their town, city, or county, in CA. This includes 11 counties at last glance. Very serious, people. There are many other states with activist groups fighting these meters. For a list go to http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/smart-meter-resources-links/smart-meter-activism-state-by-state/. ----------------------------- Did the opt-out help me and others I know of ? Yes and no. Yes, for me, as a next door neighbor also opted out, it reduced the direct, close-up radiation levels measurable in the house and I am experiencing relief from the daily headaches and ringing of the ears - unless I am exposed to RF radiation from other sources, as I am now permanently reactive to RF radiation. I have severe reactions involving heart.By far, the worst for me is smart meters and super-WIFI, found in the La Mesa Public Library.
Susan Brinchman August 15, 2012 at 03:45 PM
I am able to use my yard, going outside near the analog meters without debilitating sickness immediately striking. However, inside the home, due to the smart meter (AMI) network in the neighborhood, high levels of low-frequency EMF's have been measured in the bedroom (where the electric panel is located on the exterior wall). These particular EMF's are known to be carcinogenic and have other bio effects. So the AMI (Automated Meter Infrastructure) that exists is still dangerous and needs to be banned. The SDG&E smart meters in the neighborhood are still there, creating a background level of radiation that is unsafe. The master bedroom is still not a safe place to occupy, though not AS unsafe as previously, and we have lost the use of it, which is an outrage that requires a remedy. Many of the worst immediate or daily effects from the smart meters on the property left with the smart meters. However, now I have been diagnosed with a heart condition that I did not have before, like others I know who have been sick from smart meters, some of them very young. There is permanent health damage that is life-threatening. The smart meters were on my home causing suffering for two years. It is criminal that our gov't and the utility companies can harm us "legally" and we have no options to rid our communities of this scourge. I choose to continue the smart meter battle till my last breath. I hope others will do so as well and join me and the other activists nationwide.
Susan Brinchman August 15, 2012 at 03:59 PM
The low frequency EMF's are known as "dirty electricity". The switched mode power supplies of all the smart meters, collectively, are thought to be the source. The shared wiring in the neighborhood causes the dirty electricity to come into our home, without having a smart meter, though at reduced levels, due to not having one. The whole system is unsafe and needs to be banned. The US Dept of Energy and US Congress have partially funded the AMI systems, through Recovery Act funding in the amount of #3.4 billion, which will climb to $4.5 billion. If you are upset by smart meters, call your state and Congressional representatives. No political party in the USA has taken a stand against smart meters, both Dem and Repub parties support their use (more money for their campaigns, no doubt). In Canada, the Green Party has taken a position against them. Opt-out, no matter the unfair cost, to protect your family's health, your neighbors' health, and take a firm stand against smart meters. Refuse smart meters if you don't have one, fence off your property if possible. Join or start an anti-smart meter campaign in your locale and state. Help get the word out by passing out fliers to all your neighbors. More info and free resources are to be found at electrosmogprevention.org.
Malaprop August 15, 2012 at 04:16 PM
"Show me the flaw." You should say flaws... 1) That is not what you said. 2) Science cannot prove anything safe -- as a person of science you should know this. 3) You claimed a "cave-in" and later issued conflicting statements including being "forced" by CPUC and a lawsuit from the people to whom they supposedly "caved-in." This in addition to the compensation they receive from opt-outs.
Komfort August 15, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Maybe Patch in New York operates different than in southern California. Here is the link to my comment that started this string: http://lamesa.patch.com/blog_posts/living-nightmare-how-sdge-smart-meters-led-to-my-headaches-sleeping-ills-hearing-loss#comment_4255233 You should have been able to scroll up to it and perhaps you did. I will wait for your correction to item 1 on your list, before I proceed.
Chris August 15, 2012 at 06:01 PM
It is important for people to know that they don't have to pay the $75 extortion opt-out fee upfront and that it can be broken up into 3 payments. The utilities don't make that clear in their bills. Unfortunately, there are many people in this economy that cannot afford to pay the extortion opt-out fee. However, it is important to remember that paying that now will help protect you and your neighbors in the future. I'm opted out but because I'm in a condo I am still too close to my neighbors' smart meters and I can hear the constant buzzing. People should understand that there are many health conditions noted by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine that NEED TO OPT OUT for their own health and safety. (http://www.scribd.com/doc/89510749/AAEM-Smart-Meter-Immediate-Caution-Advisory-April-12-2012) People should read about these conditions and act immediately. You probably have a friend or family member with one of these conditions. Remember that just because you don't feel this toxic radiation exposure immediately doesn't mean it won't hurt you. The old nuclear testing should remind us that many people got ill from radiation they didn't think effected them at the time but in truth had serious and deadly consequences down the road. Radiation exposure like most toxins is cumulative in nature.
Malaprop August 16, 2012 at 10:51 PM
You need to review your comments. You claim that the opt-out is evidence of harm because SDG&E in your words "caved-in.": "If their meters were safe, there would be no need to accommodate anything. So why, pray tell, did they cave in, Malaprop?" Let me enumerate the many reasons why your arguments are flawed... 1) Your conflicting remarks about a cave-in. 2) The relatively small number of users who are opting out. 3) SDG&E would be simply waste its time responding with a campaign about the health issues of smart meters. The overwhelming majority of customers are not afraid of the technology. There is no way to convince the zealots who will make their usual claims of "industry funded research" or "tobacco science." 4. Suggesting that an administrative decision dictates science is absurd. 5. SDG&E's handling of this administrative order is consistent with its stated position on smart meters. 6. A demand to prove an agent safe is logical fallacy and is merely a rhetorical tool to bolster weak arguments.
Komfort August 16, 2012 at 11:24 PM
I had to wait a day and a half for that response? I thought you were going to be a little better prepared this time, Malaprop. You did a poor job like this once before so I should not have expected more.
Malaprop August 17, 2012 at 02:16 AM
Your usual strategy of digression and moving off topic with your failed arguments.
Komfort August 17, 2012 at 02:57 AM
Malaprop, you make false claims about my statement and get hurt feelings when I don't go after your backwards descriptions. This is a game to you and not a game to me. You are better of playing this game by yourself. If you come up with a valid analysis of what I wrote, I will engage. I do not think that is what you want, hence the poor analysis. I do believe you are smart, I also believe you can be dishonest (as I proved in our last "limited" debate) so pardon me jumping in head first to spin in circles to your no value gained style of discussion. If we are going to do this you need to show a sign that you really want to listen to what I am saying. At the moment you have only shown that you are waiting for your turn to talk, and nothing else.
Komfort August 17, 2012 at 03:21 AM
...pardon me for NOT jumping...
Malaprop August 17, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Komfort -- You make good use of rhetoric and digression in your arguments. Look at your response to sheeple trader. He made an interesting point about DM receiving EMF from the use of a computer. Instead of countering with scientific evidence you used the gratuitous argument of SDG&Es response to an administrative order and got nailed for it. You are doing the same thing above. Pardon my delays, I've taken ill with something I ate or perhaps some new source of RF.
Malaprop August 17, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Susan: As much as I disagree with you (and I'll leave it at that) I'm sorry to hear about your heart condition. I'm concerned that you might not be receiving proper treatment if you are wed to the idea that smart meters caused this. At the very least, I hope you are visiting a physician who practices science-based medicine and who will treat you medically, not dogmatically. Here's wishing you well and praying (yes, I know that's not science) for your swift recovery.
Komfort August 17, 2012 at 11:27 PM
I hope you feel better soon. I will be gone for the weekend, so you can expect some delays on my part as well. As far as my getting caught, you are still reading more than what was said. What was the purpose of the cpuc's involvement in mandating an opt out program?
AmyBenjamin September 12, 2012 at 07:44 AM
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DOUBTING THOMAS September 12, 2012 at 09:30 PM
Not a very valuable contribution to the argument. The meter is only suited for amateur use and the test conditions are not controlled - nor consitent with FCC protocol for compliance testing (average power over 6 minute period). The output of the cellphone varies with the quality of the radio path to the cell site - ranging from 1 watt down to 1 milliwatt (a factor of one thousand). There is no way we can know what the power was when the video was shot. This could just be an amateur effort or and attempt to mislead. Check the FCC website for details of how it should be done.
Susan Brinchman September 12, 2012 at 10:45 PM
As with many others in the same boat, I have a very serious reaction now to Wi-Fi, and particularly the "hotspot" types of Wi-Fi, as well as reactions to the smart meters and cell phones. Since smart meters are Wi-Fi, this makes sense. Heart flops around like a fish, shows up on EKG right after exposure, not so later. Took over a month to settle down. Very serious other coronary symptoms only associated with the exposures. My doctors agree that certain people are sensitive to RF radiation - all of them do. Avoidance is the key. Pretty hard to do when you are exposed to a mesh network, now, isn't it? I never had these reactions before to RF radiation. The smart meters triggered it. If you do pray, M., perhaps you might pray for understanding. Thank you.
Benjamin September 17, 2012 at 06:40 AM
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Pat December 03, 2012 at 06:19 AM
Look at what Chattanooga is doing so much smarter and safer. BRAVO. Fiber optic technology was suggested by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in his youtube.com video as better, safer technology. I am sending this to CA CPUC along with my letter (3rd) for whatever good it will do. At least they know they are already behind the times and have no excuse for their lack of knowldege and their stupidity. http://www.electricenergyonline.com/?page=show_article&mag=68&article=550 I refuse to have a SCE smart meter attached to my home for as long as possible. And I refuse to send anybody any money expecially the new SCE “Phase 2″ fee which is now $98.00 “initial” and $24.00 monthly. I’ll never get it back and that is giving in to their evil deeds of darkness. The costs will continue to go up, I am sure. But I well have my electricity turned off before I submit to their dirty deals and gestapo like tactics. I can certainly do without TV, washer and dryer and the electro-luxuries of today. Peevey should be removed, likewise Judge Amy and Governor Brown impeached for their back room backstabbing of the people of California. These 2 old men are out of touch and way too old for the high and responsible positions they serve in. The thing with taking them to small claims court for $7500.00 each time there is an offense is that WE STILL PAY FOR IT!! It does not come out of SCE’s pocket but ours.
Ken Albin February 06, 2013 at 05:40 PM
Wow, that explains why my hair is getting grey and I am developing wrinkles. I thought it was because I was getting old but now I know it is that evil smart meter sitting 50 feet away. Being a radio amateur I used a field strength meter and measured a very small amount of RF bursts periodically coming from this meter. As a radio operator I am aware that RF strength decreases exponentially with distance. That would probably explain why in my home I could not even measure the smart meter RF with my sensitive field strength meter, but I could easily measure RF from my television, microwave, and cell phone. I assume that you all are pursuing banning these items as well as smart meters since they pose a greater risk. Thanks for the heads up on this horrible threat. I am now going to put on my tin foil hat and sleep in the shower so I don't keep gaining grey hair and wrinkles.
Mia Nony April 28, 2013 at 03:34 AM
How easy it seems to have been to make people sick, to keep millions if not billions from rebelling against funding the construction of their own gallows. Subverting electronics? Easy. Where are the geeks on this? Nothing is easier to hack, defeat, fry. Any frequency can be neutralized, if correctly matched by any other frequency. In a frequency war, one must fight fire with fire. Use a lead enclosure. There are laws against causing the blood brain barrier to leak toxins - for profit. Is there a hard and fast law that anyone knows of to prevent electronically or even with a Faraday cage interfering with a device which itself breaks laws too numerous to count? All of this is non compliant with international safety codes.
Mia Nony April 28, 2013 at 03:35 AM
Since property damage matters more than collateral damage to humans, so why not get engineers on side? Building codes: High speed micro vibrations loosen building contacts including firewall separations. Fire laws:installed by rank amateurs. bent prongs arc, a fire waiting to happen. House wiring: Accelerated microwave induced corrosion of all structural metal components. House insuranceL Void?. Electrical code? Device measures ambient static energy as "usage". Meter? Not. It estimates usage. Try this Throw the master switch - this thing STILL keeps measuring usage. It’s not a measurement device, it’s a remotely re-programmable computer w/ software which overwrites its own tracks
Mia Nony April 28, 2013 at 03:36 AM
Military application: google Biological Effects of Non Lethal weapons, these same frequencies were invented as WMDs. Insurance, property rights, common law contractual rights, human rights, forced installation of a stealth remotely controlled cell relay collector hub device emitting frequencies equivalent to a cell tower, a bidirectional radiation emitting transmitter. The utility converts private property into a third party corporate location for conducting data mining. PG&E amalgamates YOUR private property &couples its wiring & yours into the smart grid, using unshielded wiring & uninsulated humans &all flora& fauna, everything biological, breaks sustainability laws, converts everything in the ecosystem into smart grid components.
Mia Nony April 28, 2013 at 03:36 AM
Not on side for drastic population reduction for profit? Fight back. Lead sheets, aluminum mosquito screening Faraday cages, frequency disabling enclosures, shields for inside wall & house wiring. Just don't do nothing cuz if no one stops them... they will kill us all. This is it, showtime, 1st your money, then your life. Are you going to let them? Are you going to cave?
Doug Curlee April 28, 2013 at 05:11 PM
are we running out of debatable topics? just curious why someone decided to drag this hoary old chestnut out of the hall closet..again.. doug
Chris April 28, 2013 at 06:08 PM
Mia: Keep right on posting your very good questions and challenging those with closed minds to open them. The topic of smart meters is still current. The CPUC still hasn't ruled on the ADA provisions requested by The Center for Electrosmog Prevention and other groups. This is probably because the CPUC knows it doesn't over rule Federal Law and must protect those whose handicaps that are affected by the dumb smart meters. Ask yourself why the CPUC is not ruling to protect the rights of the handicapped!? If they won't obey the law, they cannot and should not maintain their positions.
Susan Brinchman April 29, 2013 at 04:44 AM
There are class action lawsuits being put together now on this subject, with many more to come on related issues. There are 150 (+) groups fighting smart meters across the nation, with others in other countries as well. In CA there are CPUC proceedings (apart from the emerging lawsuits) that we are part of. As a result of seeing the big ugly picture of corporate greed and state and federal corruption and lack of concern for human life vs. profits, the ignoring of science, the refusal to stop placing the smart meters on every building in America, I joined the activists on this topic several years ago. We obtained the current opt-out - the fees are an insult and will be shown to be illegal. We want the smart meters banned, as well as wireless grid infrastructure and wired data transmission along power lines. To join and support a group in your state or region, go to Smart Meter Activism Sites – CA and USA http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/smart-meter-resources-links/smart-meter-activism-state-by-state/. You are right that the rf radiation exposes us that used in weaponry. It is a complete lie on the part of the utility companies that the smart meters only emit signals (and thus radiation) for a few seconds a day. Read http://lamesa.patch.com/blog_posts/revealed-sdge-smart-meter-technical-data-and-bio-effects-of-microwave-radiation, which correlates the every second or two signaling that has been admitted by CA utilities under court orders to non-lethal weapon exposures.
Susan Brinchman April 29, 2013 at 04:53 AM
BioInitiative.org has a current report showing just how dangerous even low levels of RF radiation is. http://lamesa.patch.com/blog_posts/new-report-on-rf-radiation-calls-for-drastic-action. Smart meters (1) cause full body exposures comparable to that received by up to 160 cell phones. People should 1) opt-out by contacting their CA utility and demanding to do so. 2) email contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org if you wish to join a lawsuit 3) join and support an anti-smart meter group in your area 4) order brochures to educate everyone you know on this topic at www.stopsmartmeters.org 5) remove wireless devices from your home as none of them are safe, and cumulatively, they are more harmful. You can still communicate and use computers, but do so safely. Reading the BioInitiative 2012 Report will give you reasons. S Brinchman Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention director@electrosmogprevention.org Center for Electrosmog Prevention www.electrosmogprevention.org Smart Meter Dangers www.smartmeterdangers.org SCASM Southern Californians Against Smart Meters www.causes.com/causes/610453-southern-californians-against-smart-meters-scasm American Coalition Against Smart Meters (ACASM) www.causes.com/acasm Follow Smart Meter News and CEP on Twitter twitter.com/No2SmartMeters Subscribe to CEP newsletter http://eepurl.com/rNTOH Sent from my wired and shielded computer, with the wireless switched off and extended keyboard and mouse attached.
kitty stubbe January 17, 2014 at 03:19 PM
Thank you for this article.....i enjoyed reading it. I had a problem with my gasmeter in the Netherlands and they replaced it without my knowledge with a smart gas meter..that is...they claimed they needed to install a second divice holding a sim card wich would than connect it to the network..From that time on they would be able to read my meter etc. I refused.I did not want them to install this divice since I knew already about the dangers of smartmeters since i am a neurological lyme patient and was just doing a little better.i also told them I did not want the smartmeter,they would have to remove it if possible..I was bullied on the phone..they told me that my box was not transmitting at all, it was not connected to the network yet since the second divice was not installed...wich would connect it.....so what was I talking about..only a connected box could cause any form of emf or dirty electricity and besides they claimed it was the same as with a mobile phone..i did not like the way they bullied me.i had seen the video of dr Klinghardt on smartmeters and knew they where wrong.After several phonecalls they told me they would send me a form wich i would have to fill in and send back and than in a couple of weeks they would come to remove it..it would cost me 60 euro's most likely.it would also take 10 days to send me the form..so all would take at least three weeks......My question is actually if anyone on the forum could tell me...if possible if i was right.is it so that my gasmeter , although not connected to the network and no installation of a second divice holding a sim card to make it connect or no electrical meter changed...will keep me in the save zone or am i still exposed?i know i will still be exposed by people in the neighbouorhood having a smartmeter , but that is another story...will my meter make it worse as it is????i have not been feeling well since it is installed..but that might be a coincidence ?


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