A Mayor through the Looking Glass!

There is little doubt that we can expect more petulant and Artful antics like this in the future.

La Mesa Today Editor Chris Lavin has recently, and observantly, pointed out that over the past several months the iron fist of control once enjoyed by the La Mesa Mayor is noticeably slipping. Late into last night's Council meeting a clearly angry and frustrated Mayor Madrid took the audience in attendance, and anyone watching on TV, for a trip though his personal looking glass into a surreal world where he is the victim of political intrigue and conspiracy.

The consensus of those who have watched this small town political dynamo for years have no doubt he actually believes this to be true since he has so long acted as the center of his own universe. Last night’s planned diatribe was described embarrassingly by one city hall insider as "rude, boorish and offensive." With imperial politicians like this in office seemingly forever, is it any wonder that local term limits are gaining popularity across California?

Council member Ernie Ewin was the focal point of this latest flow of bellicose rhetoric probably because he has been the most recent face of a resurgent city council reclaiming it's co-equal authority. It just seemed to be his turn. For longtime observers of La Mesa politics it would be hard to forget other such tirades going back nearly 30 years and aimed at others long gone or retired from the La Mesa City Council. But one should not forget how often current council member Ruth Sterling has suffered such hostile verbal abuse.

These Madridian eruptions do happen from time to time, although they are not quite as predictable or enjoyable as other natural releases of hot air and steam, such as Yellowstone's Old Faithful Geyser. Bringing a lawn chair and cold beverage to the council chambers for the next occurrence would not be strictly cricket.

History being an indicator, there is little doubt that we can expect more petulant and Artful antics like this in the future. Particularly given this councils increasing and welcome willingness to do the full job they were elected to do.

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Kevin George February 13, 2013 at 09:51 PM
Craig Maxwell February 13, 2013 at 11:33 PM
People often wonder how in the hell a lout like Art could stay in office so long. One answer is the pathetic press "coverage"--ranging from indifferent to positively sycophantic--he's received over the years. Please see lamesatoday.com for a plentiful supply of the latter. According to editor Chris Lavin, last night's mayoral temper tantrum was nothing more than the latest in a long series of spats between two grown kids who just can't seem to get along in the same political sandbox. Moral equivalency. Of course, the dishonesty of Lavin's account is obvious to anyone who saw it live or on TV (I'm told the recording will soon be available), and we can only hope that this will serve to further discredit both the mayor and his ever-obedient minister of propaganda.


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