Stieringers Upset Incumbents on School Board, Healthcare Board

It seems Jim Stieringer has unseated Gary Woods, but with only a 600+ vote difference, he cautions premature celebration.

Updated at 2 p.m. Nov. 8, 2012

Gary Woods was tossed from the Grossmont Union High School District board Tuesday night in a vote that could signal new life for a high school in Alpine.

With all 377 precincts counted, incumbent school board member Priscilla Schreiber and former La Mesa Treasurer Jim Stieringer grabbed the two seats being filled.

Schreiber had 28.2 percent of the vote to Stieringer’s 19 percent. Woods won 18.6 percent—641 votes behind Stieringer, who previously served on the Grossmont Healthcare District board.

In November 2010, after resigning from that board in a bid for a full-time job with the district, Stieringer said he he would “absolutely not” consider another bid for elective office. (He also ran for La Mesa mayor in 2006, taking third after serving four years as city treaurer.)

Meanwhile, Stieringer’s wife, Betty, a nurse, was the top vote-getter in the race for three seats on the Grossmont Healthcare District board, taking 22.1 percent of the vote.

Appointed incumbent W.R “Bob” Ayres was second and four-year board member Michael Emerson retained his seat in third.

But healthcare board President Deborah McElravy was fifth in the nine-person field and loses the seat she’s held since December 2006.

With Jim Stieringer on the school board, an Alpine high school has a new backer—in addition to Schreiber.

Woods, who holds a doctorate in education, had opposed opening a 12th high school in the district.

Meanwhile,  a reported Grand Jury investigation was looking into the Grossmont Union High School District’s handling of bond funds and the promised-but-not-delivered Alpine high school. 

Update from Jim Stieringer:

A victory lap at this time may be a bit premature since my lead over Dr. Woods is only 600+ votes with more than 60,000 absentees and provisional ballots uncounted. 

At this time I can only comment about the courtesy of my five opponents and the constructive nature of their attitude toward me and each other. Unfortunately I'm also aware that there is friction among some board members. That friction may continue following the election. My goal as a new member would be (note the subjunctive tense!) to serve as a calming influence with a written agreement of civility toward each other, the administration, District employees and the public we serve.

I am grateful for the favorable response of the voting public. I look forward to serving if the remaining uncounted ballots confirm that I have won a seat on the board.

Bill Weaver November 07, 2012 at 03:54 PM
Congratulations to our re-elected GUHSD top vote getting incumbent Priscilla Schreiber, and our very welcome new Board Trustee Jim Stieringer!
Bill A. Weaver November 07, 2012 at 06:18 PM
A MINDFUL POINT OF ORDER: I qoute the Patch, "Stieringer, also responding to a Patch query, noted that he had expressed strong support for the construction of a high school in Alpine. And he said he respected differences among the current board members, “all of whom have my highest respect. I applaud their positive action in having procured the site for the proposed school.” But he said he found it distressing that district Superintendent Ralf Swenson has “arbitrarily withdrawn the building plans submitted to the State Architect [Office]. If that allegation turns out to be true, I am certain that all five board members will demand to know why that was done.” If elected, he said, “I would make engendering collegiality my first priority. As part of that effort I would make every effort to convince my new colleagues that we should promptly move toward construction of the voter-approved school. Weaver told Patch that even though “my opinions are cause to be suspect” because he is a school board candidate, “I respond because history makes the case strong that this GUHSD board majority is disingenuous to their mission of governing to the needs of the high school district, as best served.” He said he was tired of false hope and asserted that the current board has “lied, twisted truth and created delays that should have succeeded long ago to accomplish their goal—kill the HS12 project.” THE VOTERS HAVE SPOKEN, AGAIN!
Craig Maxwell November 07, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Jim accusing others of having lied. Now that's rich...
Bill A. Weaver November 07, 2012 at 11:44 PM
Why? A checkered past...
Jim Stieringer November 08, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Let the record show that the accusation of "lying" by the board was alleged by another candidate rather than by me. Mr. Maxwell is incorrect. Also, please note that as of today (November 8th) the votes are still being counted. My current lead of 600+ votes could be overcome depending upon the Registrar of Voters' count of the 60,000+ outstanding absentee and provisional ballots Jim Stieringer
Bill Weaver November 08, 2012 at 04:14 PM
Jim Stieringer commented on Stieringers Upset Incumbents on School Board, Healthcare Board; Re: "Let the record show that the accusation of "lying" by the board was alleged by another candidate rather than by me. Mr. Maxwell is incorrect. Also, please note that as of today (November 8th) the votes are still being counted. My current lead of 600+ votes could be overcome depending upon the Registrar of Voters' count of the 60,000+ outstanding absentee and provisional ballots Jim Stieringer" Yes, it is I who have alleged that there are "liars" on the GUHSD Board, err... the politically correct vernacular is to say, "disingenuous" at best. 60,000... hmmm, maybe, but I don't think the results will change.
Craig Maxwell November 08, 2012 at 04:46 PM
My comment has nothing to do with the 2012 election details listed above by Jim Stieringer. It is, however, nonetheless true, and Jim Stieringer (among many others, I am sure) knows exactly why.
Bill Weaver November 09, 2012 at 11:42 PM
This GUHSD Board and Administration is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! Last night, At the regular monthly second Thursday Bd. meeting, Nov 8th, they voted on 18 recommendations proposed by Superintendent Ralf Swenson in regard to the Bond projects. The 18th Recommendation was to pull plans on the 12th HS, and not continue to fund the project until further action is taken by the Board. Little discussion took place. I spoke, explaining that the Granite Hills HS is now going to have to be modernized for 2,800 students, this makes no good sense, 600 of those students should not be provided accommodations at GHHS, save that money, to put towards the 12th HS... The GUHSD Bd didn't listen, my comments fell on deaf Administration and Gov. Bd. ears. I also reminded them that the Bd. Makeup is likely to soon change, that a vote on this should wait. They ignored me, this Bd is unethical, unprofessional, and even laughable as they disregard good protocol, and best Governing Board practices.
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