Coleman Comes Down: 198-Unit Apartment Complex Planned

A 198-unit apartment complex is planned by Fairfield Residential at 7380 Parkway Dr.

Demolition of what used to be Coleman Preparatory Academy concluded last week.

The former school at 7380 Parkway Dr. was owned by The Church of Scientology and sold for $9.2 million to Fairfield Residential to build a 198-unit apartment complex.

Fairfield also built the large Pravada and Alterra apartment complexes near Grossmont Center in the 8600-8700 block of Fletcher Parkway.

"The project fills a void in the community," La Mesa Chamber of Commerce President Mary England told the La Mesa City Council when the project was approved earlier this year. "It offers space for young professionals and empty nesters, and will yield $500,000 in property tax annually."
James D. Newland December 17, 2013 at 10:06 AM
This Maryland Heights property had been a distinctive landmark for fifty years, it started its life as the La Mesa Bowl in 1963. Bowling, computers and soon new homes. The Maryland Heights poultry farmers of one hundred years ago couldn't have imagined...
Things I Learned December 17, 2013 at 11:49 AM
"One of the most notorious incidents in the long career of Joseph Matranga occured within one of his legitimate establishments. Joseph and his brother Frank purchased the La Mesa Bowl after receiving $1.1 million in funds from the teamsters pension fund. The Matranga brothers under the name of Show Bar Inc., applied on December 19, 1962 for a liquor license for the La Mesa Bowl located at 7380 Parkway Drive in La Mesa. The application for the liquor license was quickly withdraw when objections were drawn from the La Mesa City Council and Police Department on February 25th of 1963. Joseph arranged for Vincent Provenzano to obatain the license under the name of Recreation Center Inc., in a petition filed on the same day the Matranga's withdrew their original request for a license. Joe waited another year before buying a majority interest in Recreation Center Inc., gaining controll of the liquor license he had been denied the year before. The seemingly flawless plan came to a disappointing end when the license was once again recommended for revocation in December of 1964. This led to an incident which was viewed as damage control and a last ditch attempt to salvage La Mesa Bowls Liquor license by Joseph his brother Frank I Matranga and another silent investor in many Matranga business ventures, cousin Frank A. Matranga of San Bernardino. While awaiting a decision on an appeal of their liquor license revocation, the Matranga's in a meeting arranged by Dominick Tavaglione of Riverside met with 3 members of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board on the night of March 23rd 1965. As a result of the meeting an inquiry into the incident was launched by then govenor Pat Brown who wanted to know if the incident was an attempt on behalf of the Matranga's to gain favor in the outcome of their licensing hearing or if the whole incident was an innocent encounter. In the end the Matranga's lost their liquor license and the three members of the board were found to have taken free food and drinks from the Matranga owned Show Bar and were promptly relieved of their responsabilities by Govenor Brown." http://www.geocities.ws/jiggs2000_us/matrangajl.html
Batman December 17, 2013 at 05:57 PM
Ah, the headquarters of the old 'La Mesa Mafia'. I was told Mr. Matranga used to live in Del Cerro.
James D. Newland December 18, 2013 at 09:51 AM
For those interested in such topics as San Diego mafioso history, I recommend Judith Moore's "A Bad, Bad Boy," about Frank Bompensiero (a former Rolando and El Cerrito resident). Another well-researched work from the late, and missed, San Diego author.


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