Video Interview With Maggie Acerra, Candidate for Santee City Council

Acerra discusses what the next four years holds for Santee, including changes to local government, business interests in town, and Proposition U.

Read more about Maggie Acerra or "Meet the Candidates for Santee City Council"

Watch the video interview with Acerra's opponent, City Council candidate and incumbent Jack Dale.

Also watch a video interview with Mayoral candidate Rudy Reyes

Jerry Koch October 26, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Boy Maggie knows her stuff, if I lived in Santee I would be voting for her. She makes a lot on common sense.
Steven Bartholow October 26, 2012 at 11:48 PM
For further info here's a video blog with the opinion of Councilmembers John Minto and Rob McNelis on Prop U, and the issue is also discussed by Dale and Reyes in their interviews: http://santee.patch.com/blog_posts/prop-u-phils-bbq-and-santee-health-fair
Dianne October 27, 2012 at 12:20 AM
A couple of points I'd like to make in response. First, the most significant income stream from Prop U will probably come from the TOT increase it will place on the campground at Santee Lakes. If you are a community member who uses the campground over the weekend, then it will be a tax increase for you. So it IS a tax increase on Santee citizens. I think the city is shortsighted in proposing to increase the TOT to a level that may chase away visitors to this community who patronize our businesses. Second, this approach is consistent with the city's time-honored and questionable tactic of finding a way for other public agencies (in this case Padre Dam Water District) to pick up the tab on city obligations. Lastly, I suspect this is being driven by the city finding itself in a larger financial pickle. With re-development funds dwindling and half the strip malls in town with empty storefronts...the current council isn't going to live much longer on the story line of having generated a surplus without raising taxes. Prop U is a way of raising revenue through taxation...but being able to tell the citizens "Don't worry, the tax isn't on you." If they don't come up with a long-term structural solution, then next time around you will be likely to see some tax measure on the ballot that does more clearly impact every citizen. Time for new ideas on this council and Ms. Acerra is absolutely on the mark in her assessment that for Mr. Dale it's not about the citizens anymore.
Holly Lamb October 27, 2012 at 03:37 AM
Please raise your hand if you think ANY TAX is OK. Hello I know you here in California are use to the Nanny state but I am a transplant from the mid-west and you have all OD'd on Redistribution. CUT SPENDING! How many more parks and and benches do we need? I don't want to pay any more taxes and for those of you who think "it's only going to raise it on..." need to seriously get a clue. I've lived in Santee for 5 years and I liked it better 5 years ago than I do now. Jack Dale sitting on the board of SanDag is NOT our friend or friend with benefits. SanDag another part of the tax funded nanny state. People of CA you really need to get off the welfare/tax wagon and start thinking for yourselves. I'm going to vote for Maggie because she thinks NO Tax is a GOOD TAX. I am also going to vote for Rudy Reyes not because I agree with him so much, we differ on issues like Solar Power but we need to take down the establishment City Council. Say NO to ANY Tax a revolution was fought for less than a Campground tax. Really? You can tell me that taxing the people more is 'not a bad thing'? If you want to help the city, donate your own money don't use mine, I have a family to support.
Maggie Acerra November 01, 2012 at 12:02 AM
The TOT tax is in preparation for a - likely - new hotel in the heart of Santee. Believe what you want, but this is the beginning of more "passing the buck" government intrusion that wil be used anytime the city's coffers get low, because of costly mistakes made by those that have become removed from the people they say the represent. The desperation of playing "catch up" now that the past crutch of Redeveloment Funds has dried up and cashing in big time on some hotel idea, developed behind closed doors over at City Hall, is written all over Prop U. In what became an obesessive plan to be the "La Jolla of East County" they overextended themselves. The TOT most certainly will affect the citizens of Santee, or does our City Hall forget that WE use the campgrounds, too? It will affect the citizens of Santee as Prop U comes with, according to our City Manager and City Attorney at the September City Council meeting, another city position called the "Tax Administrator" Why, because Santee's Department of Finance, City Manager, Assistant City Manager, and the Assistant to the City Manager are not capable of collecting and distributing the additiional TOT tax revenue? I wish I could be more specific about Santee's future plans, however, Santee residents are mostly notified "after the fact" in an article here on the Santee Patch or in the East County Times. It makes it so much easier for these long time incumbents, when planning the future of Santee FOR the citizens, doesn't it?


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