Jack Dale, Candidate for Santee City Council

One-time Mayor and longtime City Councilmember runs to keep his seat.

General Information

Name : Jack Dale
Age : 55
Place of residence : Santee



Attended college : Yes
College : Il Weslyan University
Degree : BA in Insurance and Finance

Political Information

Running for a: Local office 
Running for position: Santee City Council
Incumbent: Yes
Previous elective offices: Padre Dam Board- 1982, Santee City Council, Mayor of Santee

Other Facts

Father of five and grandfather to two

Rob November 03, 2012 at 05:00 PM
I have a Big Problem with Jack Dale ...Mayor Voepel and the rest of the city Council...They joined a U.N. organization called ICLEI...International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives...This Violates the Constitution Articule 1, section 10...It's membership that cost $1,200 a year is a Trojan Horse for Power and Control by the Marxist-Gangsters at the U.N...They said they didn't know they were members...which I find to be laughable...their website...Sustainable Santee mirrors ICLEI's They're also doing Public-Private Partnerships...another name for this is Facism or corrony Capitalism......I'm voting for Maggie Acerra to replace at least one of these corrupto-crats..That would be Jack Dale..!
Mary November 03, 2012 at 05:31 PM
As the founder of the East County Tea Party, Maggie Acerra is toooooooo radical for my liking, with no background into running a municipality. At least Jack Dale has a record of success as proven by the results of Santee’s improvements over his tenure.


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