La Mesa Police Write 91 Tickets During Traffic Safety Enforcement Program

Police issued 59 speeding tickets on Friday, Nov. 23 and 32 "distracted driver" (cell phone use) tickets on Friday, Nov. 30.

In mid-November, the La Mesa Police Department was awarded a from the California Office of Traffic Safety to help make La Mesa streets safer.

For the past two Fridays, police have been operating the “Traffic Safety Enforcement Program," which relies on heavy enforcement and public education as a means to help reduce deaths and injuries on local roadways.

As a result of its operation, LMPD wrote 59 speeding tickets and gave 11 warnings for lesser traffic offenses in a six-hour period Friday, Nov. 23.

A week later, Nov. 30, police aggressively enforced the state’s “Distracted Driving” laws, and wrote 32 tickets for persons either talking on their cell phone or texting while driving, 13 tickets for other hazardous driving violations and gave 13 warnings for lesser traffic offenses in a six-hour period.

"Our citizens expect and deserve a quality of life that is not affected by unsafe acts upon the roadway," said La Mesa Police Chief Ed Aceves. "This grant arms us with additional tools to enforce and improve our response to traffic safety issues.” 

Deena While December 05, 2012 at 10:18 PM
I know! I know! I'm always the cheerleader for LMPD but I'm very grateful when they do these sweeps. When I had my store (sniff sniff), I would see them patroling at the intersection of Date and LM Blvd. So many people roll through that stop sign - I even watched as Ernie Ewin and his wife almost got hit as they walked in the pedestrian cross walk! I know some complain about the ticket writing, but if folks did what they are suppose to do then tickets wouldn't be written, right? I like a Sunday School saying: 'Obedience is freedom.' In other words, control yourself and others don't have to control you. =D
Aurora Hyland December 08, 2012 at 06:12 PM
I wish there was more enforcement at Fletcher Parkway and Marengo Avenue. That is a mess to try to make a left turn when people refuse to or fail to see the "No Right Turn On Red" signs. Drivers also fail to yield the right of way to drivers who do obey the sign and then try to turn left on Parkway to go towards Kaiser. And then there are those who drive straight through to Costco, even though from Marengo you can only turn left or right. It gets pretty hairy when there is a lot of traffic coming from Marengo onto Fletcher Parkway/Parkway and vise versa.
Deena While December 08, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Aurora, We are the eyes and ears for the police. Call them 667-1400 let them know of this problem. They will be more than happy to patrol that area. Having them 'visible' in the area does a lot and of course they can write tickets and talk to drivers. Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention.


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