Individual at Helix High School Is Diagnosed with Turberculosis

The unidentified person might have exposed students and employees between Sept. 8 and Feb. 21.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

An individual at Helix High School in La Mesa has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, the county of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency announced today.

The unidentified person might have exposed students and employees between Sept. 8 and Feb. 21, according to the HHSA. Free testing for students is scheduled for Thursday and Friday on campus.

Agency officials said they were working to identify those who might have been exposed.

"Many hours of close, indoor contact with an infected individual is usually needed to spread TB to others and most people who are exposed do not develop TB," said Dr. Eric McDonald, the county's deputy public health officer. "TB is easiest to treat and cure with medication when identified early, which is why it's important to identify those who have been exposed."

Symptoms of active TB include persistent cough, fever, night sweats, and unexplained weight loss, the HHSA said.

There have been 14 cases of tuberculosis reported so far this year in San Diego County. Last year, there were 206 TB cases, with 234 reported in 2012.

Information about the potential exposure at Helix High can be obtained from the county TB Program at (619) 692-8621.

—City News Service

Batman March 05, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Illegal aliens from 3rd world countries are bringing in with them virulent diseases that had been eradicated in the US decades ago. Legal immigrants are screened for diseases and treated accordingly before being allowed in. No such screening applies to illegal aliens, and their children are allowed to attend school right alongside your children.


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