Moms Council Question of the Week: Is Dinnertime Family Time in Your House?

How does your clan get the kids to join for nightly, or even weekly, repast?

In this space every Wednesday, the La Mesa Patch Moms Council poses a question and invites your wisdom—and chimes in themselves.

The council is captained by Mommin’ Around columnist Genevieve Suzuki. Other members of the Moms Council are Deena While, Linda Byerline and Tony Lawrence.

Now the question:

The family dinner isn’t as popular as it once was, even though Tom Selleck’s show,  Blue Bloods makes a strong case for it. Does your family still gather at the dinner table?

Genevieve Suzuki October 20, 2011 at 05:46 AM
We enjoy dinner at the table every night. We - usually - turn off the TV and put on some soft music. It's nice to sit with family and catch up nightly. When my mom moved in with us, she was outraged at our small table. She bought us a nice long table, around which we've enjoyed many meals. I never realized how comforting it is to have a family constant every day.
Tony Lawrence October 20, 2011 at 01:55 PM
We used to eat at the table almost every night. However, lately with football practice for my two boys and basketball for my daughter (until next season when it is something else) it is rare to have everyone (or anyone) home in the evening. We do eat dinner every Sunday at the table, followed by a game night. I miss those times and for a while felt like I let the tradition and family down by allowing it to diminish. However, I have come to grips that if you have active kids involved in sports, theater, music or any extra curricular activity - it becomes very hard - and when you have three involved kids - it becomes a scheduling nightmare. Make time for family stuff and traditions and games and movies and what not and enjoy the dinner at the table as long as you can, sometimes life gets in the way.
Deena While October 21, 2011 at 07:25 AM
Family dinner time is a special treat. It happens for us just a few times a week. The boys are now getting into the cooking mode for us working folks. And they love to BBQ! It's funny 'cuz when we sit down together it isn't mom getting all emotional saying, "Oh look, we're all together!" It's actually the kids who bring it up. We have a very close family and lots of family in the area, so family time is very important to us. In fact, I especially enjoy having family dinner time with the kids' friends at our dinner table too. I'm saddened by some of the family situations these kids face and if they can enjoy one night of real togetherness I'm happy to bring it to them. But, one thing that we are good at is talking with the kids all the time. I know their high school teacher names, which class-teacher-period. I think it's important to let the kids know that school is very important so I get involved with their work. I want to hear when they turn in an assignment, get the grade back, that they felt good (or bad) about the test they took today. I don't need the dinner table to stay connected. So my thought is this, YES! to Family Dinner Time -- if not every night, but don't forget to talk with your kids about anything and everything in their lives.


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