Moms Council Question of the Week: How Old Should Kids Be to Start Dating?

Are different rules applied to boys and girls when they ask: Can I go out with friend tonight?

In this space every Wednesday, the La Mesa Patch Moms Council poses a question and invites your wisdom—and chimes in themselves.

The council is captained by Mommin’ Around columnist Genevieve Suzuki. Other members of the Moms Council are Deena While, Linda Byerlin and Tony Lawrence.

Now the question:

How old is old enough to date? When did you allow your son or daughter to have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Tony Lawrence November 04, 2011 at 09:36 PM
I am glad 4 teachers pass the Batman test. I would have a much longer list. My kids alsohad Sheri Galbreath and there is no truth to the rumor that she retired after having my son and daughter back to back. I hate to break it to you, but unless you have a cache of wealth that starts with "multi-million" you are one of the 99%. You may not be part of OWS, but you are one of the 99%. I am not sure where the "goof balls" or how you are connecting and selecting or calling liars? Please clarify. As far as the broad brush you want to use to paint teachers and their labor induced bad attitudes - I will use a much broader sample and personal one - the teachers are underpaid, have a great rapport with the kids, spend countless hours off the clock and spend countless dollars out of pocket - including the teachers you mentioned - and put up with parents who think they know everything about everything and can not entertain the notion their little angel could be anything less than perfect. I blame the current generation of helicopter parents for "going to war" for their kids. When I was in school, the teacher was right. The adults in the neighborhood were right. As I got older, my bosses were right. Parents want to protect their little Einsteins and do not want to let them grow up or face any adversity. Stop being their friend - be their parent. I think you can be both, but not at the expense of being a parent - if you have to choose, choose parents.
Batman November 04, 2011 at 10:50 PM
No. I am not part of that 99%! The school teachers in Oakland have joined the protest there, which now includes breaking windows and starting fires. An Oakland teacher was quoted on KOGO this morning to say "the kids should follow the example of the adults". If this isn't sufficient warning to get you children out of that stupidity cesspool nothing is. The cement boot industry has little cement boots too. And, figuratively, they have a pair just for your child.
Tony Lawrence November 05, 2011 at 01:15 PM
You are a part of the 99%. It is defined as NOT the richest 1% of the nation. You are also a public school alum. These are facts. I would ask that you try to stay on topic in these discussions and not turn everything into a political roil or rant against public schools and government. I am sure there are plenty of links on the Fox News site or Glen Beck's site for this type of "cement boot" inflammatory rhetoric where everyone nods and finds your "humor" charming. I joined this so me and other parents could discuss raising our kids and share ideas about our kids and community. I am sure anonymous ranting is appreciated in hate filled chat rooms, but this used to be a fun exchange between actual people with real names and real concerns and respectful give and take and dialog.
Batman November 05, 2011 at 08:48 PM
No! I am NOT part of that bunch! I may not be in the 1%, but I am definitely a very small minority. I have no debt, how many of you can make that claim? Back on topic: There is no need for kids under 18 to date. I they choose to date as adults that is their business. However, I would suggest for the boys at least, they should concentrate their efforts on becoming men first. Becoming financially independent is an excellent goal for any man. A young man in his 20s who is single and living with his parents is in an ideal position to earn and SAVE money and become independently well-off. He needs spend his time as a teenager and young adult learning skills, the more the better. The more he can do the less likely he'll be unemployed. If a college or university is offering a field of study he has a keen interest in he should go, otherwise he should not waste his time. The education industry may have a monopoly on education, but they do not have a monopoly on success. I'm making a big stink here because I've found something that works and I want to pass the idea along to as many young guys as I can. Nobody is under any obligation to believe anything I say, take it or leave it. Even if 99% is an exaggeration there are far too many young fellas in the debt trap. I want to change that. As for the public school teachers: They are so bloddy stupid they have aligned themselves with the criminal element! Your children are not safe with them.
Tony Lawrence November 07, 2011 at 04:19 PM
"Batman" - I am curious, sincerely curious. I know things about almost everyone who comments here: their kids, ages, a few anecdotes, etc. How old are your kids? Did they go to public school at all? Did you start with home schooling from preschool? Have you faced any obstacles in your home schooling? If others are considering home schooling, how would you suggest they go about it and what did you personally have to do? Any down side to your home schooling experience? This has been parents sharing with parents, trying to help each other get through it with as little traumatic residue as possible - both for the kids and parents! Your stories on this and other topics are appreciated.


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