Coach Murphy, You Taught Me How to Get Up After Being Knocked Down

Brian Paznokas: “You showed us that no matter whatever evil we come across ... it’s how you learn and evolve from these hardships that really makes you who you are.”

The following note follows the memorial for football coach Ron Murphy on Saturday morning at Grossmont High School. Murphy died Valentine’s Day after coaching for many years, including the past four at Grossmont.

To the editor:

Coach, I am so honored that I was able to be a player on your team. I really hope to make a positive impact in as many people’s lives as you did for the hundreds of people that went to your memorial and for the many more that were not able to make your life celebration today.

You are an inspiration.

Today I gave you my jersey with my blood and sweat in it for you to always have because I know I have taken many traits and lessons from you that I will use forever.

You are the ideal role model, and if everyone lived life with as much passion and love and unselfishness as you did, then the world would be a better place.

Most of all, you showed us that no matter whatever evil we come across, whatever obstacle stands in your way, no matter how many times you get knocked down, it’s how you learn and evolve from these hardships that really makes you who you are.

I hope to make you proud some day, I know you are watching over me, and every family member, friend, colleague and player, and your presence is comforting.

You will always live on in all our lives and your life will be celebrated always. Truly an amazing man!

My love and prayers go out to Luke and the rest of the family who were so very strong today as Coach would have wanted. You have changed my life forever, and I aspire to become half the man that you are.

R.I.P., Coach, your legacy lives forever!

I graduated in 2010 and was in some trouble with the law and he has drastically changed the way I look at life. I was at the lowest point of the valley and knocked down to the bone, but I always kept with me his words of wisdom to always keep pushing forward no matter how hard things get. It builds character.

Only those who have been in the lowest valley know how magnificent it is to be on the highest peak. He taught us that you learn more from losing and making mistakes then always winning.  Just recently I was released from jail,  and I have been doing good with my life; I’m sober, going to school and work and starting college football at Grossmont College in March. 

I never stopped pushing forward, and I have recovered my life and looked to role models like Coach Murphy to show me the right path. I want to be able to become a standout citizen and have people see the good in me again. I don’t only do it for coach or my family or myself but for anyone and everyone that needs a helping hand.

Thank you, Coach.

Brian Paznokas
El Cajon


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