Why is Alzheimer's on the rise? Any thoughts?
steve December 18, 2013 at 04:03 PM
Alzheimer's is on the rise because of the Cholesterol Myth. Alzheimer's was a nonevent 40 years ago. It was first introduced as a major disease in1979. At the same time cholesterol came on the scene as the big voodoo daddy of the cause of disease. Too much cholesterol was precursor to Alzheimer and other disease's. Alzheimer's was even touted as a genetically derived disease. Alzheimer's is advanced with the consumption of statin drugs and the lack of cholesterol barring foods like eggs. The fact is Alzheimer's can be dramatically reversed by promoting and supporting the bodies ability to heal itself through the consumption of medical nutrition. If this is the case, then that in itself tells you Alzheimer's is not genetic. It is a fact that the body produces 10% of it's cholesterol requirement and the other 90% needs to come from your food. Your brain is covered with a layer of cholesterol to protect it, called myelin. Your veins are made of the same material, etc... Since the 70's Doctors have an agenda to lower our cholesterol using statin drugs because it's the big voodoo daddy of disease supposedly. Our numbers have tripled since the 70's concerning Alzheimer's...so it sounds like the M.D.'s are on the wrong path. If you are interested in medical nutrition, contact us at elpollinator@gmail.com The above information is scientifically verified.. Recommend


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