Let Knott's Help Ready Your Home for the Holidays!

Knott´s can help you protect your valuable landscaping by treating for horticultural pests and diseases (Thrips, Fungus, Grubs, Aphids, Etc.) as well as agricultural pests such as destructive gophers and squirrels that can undermine whole slopes with their tunneling systems and ruin your newly installed lawn with their holes and mounds. Knott´s Pest Control, Inc. can solve even your toughest pest control challenges. We provide Structural pest control services, such as Crawling Insect control (roaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, etc.), Rodent Control (rats and mice), Bedbug Services/Thermal Heat Remediation and Killer Bee Control. Knott´s Pest Control, Inc. is the right choice for you for your pest control needs.Contact Knott's TODAY, at (619) 466-0464. Your total pest control solution is just ONE phone call away! Happy Holidays!!


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