Psychic Bus Driver Gets Fired, Moo Moo the Cat Gets Shot and the World's Longest Mustache

A roundup of some of the latest work by Huffington Post Weird News reporter David Moye.

Ram Singh Chauhan has the world's longest mustache.
Ram Singh Chauhan has the world's longest mustache.

David Moye of La Mesa, CA dives into a world of weird everyday as a reporter for Huffington Post Weird News.

Here are some of Moye's most recent stories.

'Psychic' Bus Driver Fired For Refusing To Pick Up School Kids

You Can't Stash This Mustache: Ram Singh Chauhan And His 14-Foot Facial Hair

Moo Moo The Cat Survives Getting Shot With Arrow (PHOTOS)

Oneal Morris Gets 1 Year In Jail For Botched Butt Injections

Alex Stepanov, Russian Man Who Auctioned Virginity For $2,600, Thought About Pulling Out


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