SDSU Offers Summer Intensive Language Courses

Registration is now open for SDSU’s summer intensive critical language courses. Students can earn 4-20 units of foreign language credit by immersing themselves in one of today’s most critical languages – Arabic, Persian, or Russian – through the SDSU Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC).


SDSU’s expert instructors will guide students in achieving practical language skills and cultural awareness through conversations, games, writing, multimedia, and other activities based on today’s latest language learning theories and practice.


Language and culture studies in 21st century critical languages open new possibilities for:


• Business, legal, and health care professionals who want to expand their marketability within their field
• Highly-educated professionals interested in a challenging academic pursuit
• Heritage speakers who want to improve their formal language skills
• Spouse, family, or friends of speakers of Arabic, Persian, or Russian


The unique intensive format allows students to participate in the equivalent of up to two years of language study in one summer. Each course meets on campus at SDSU for approximately two and a half weeks, offering 5-6 hours of interactive instruction Monday-Friday.


Participants are not required to apply to SDSU. Any college-capable individual age 16 and up may attend. High school students should bring a letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor or teacher to demonstrate college readiness.

Classes meet according to the following schedule:


Session 1: May 28-July 2
Arabic 101/102, 201/202, 9 am-2 pm
Persian 101/102, 201/202, 9 am-2 pm
Russian 100A/100B, 200A/200B, 9 am-3 pm

Session 2: July 9-August 13
Arabic 101/102, 201/202, 9 am-2 pm
Persian 101/102, 201/202, 9 am-2 pm
Russian 100A/100B, 200A/200B, 9 am-3 pm


Tuition is $336 per unit. For more information, visit the SDSU College of Extended Studies website at www.neverstoplearning.net/larc or the LARC website at http://larc.sdsu.edu/events/summer-institutes. The College of Extended Studies website link includes a video of the LARC program.


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