Santa is writing back this year - don't miss it!

Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You!
Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You!

Santa is dropping by Bluestocking Books & Bindery on Dec. 16th to deliver some special books for the holiday. Don't miss this chance to get a signed copy of Heartfelt Letters from Santa to You and start a wonderful new family tradition.

More information here: http://heartfeltlettersfromsantatoyou.com/


Author and mother of three Veronica Steck releases letter writing guide for parents

Little boys and girls all over the world traditionally leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, and some kids even write letters to the man in the big red suit, but what if he actually responded?


A proud mother of three, Veronica Steck is spreading the Christmas spirit with “Heartfelt Letters from Santa” new this 2013 holiday season. The two-book boxed gift set captures the magic of the cheery holiday and helps parents and relatives write letters to the kids in their lives on behalf of the big man in the red suit himself.


“Our children leave a letter for Santa every Christmas Eve, telling him to be safe, telling Santa where the cookies are, but mostly telling him they have been good (and to leave presents)” Steck says. “We then write a letter from Santa telling our children (through Santa’s eyes) how their year really went.”


Inspired by her family’s holiday tradition, Steck began writing “Heartfelt Letters from Santa” on Christmas Eve last year. She uses the letters to say things about her children’s’ behavior that year, pointing out areas they improved in, and ways they served others or acted in a humble way.


“We use the letters to motivate; we point out things we saw them do right, with the hopes of them doing more of the same in the next year,” Steck said. “We also point out areas we would like to see changes in (bickering with siblings, cleaning rooms, chores, better grades). We don’t just mention the big things; we bring up little acts of kindness and compassion they exhibited. We always try to mention things our children did not think we knew.”


“Heartfelt Letters from Santa” is an activity for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who appreciates the value of encouraging children.


Steck lives outside of St. Louis, Mo. with her family. “Heartfelt Letters” is her first publication.




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