Local Southern California renewable energy firm, Sullivan Solar Power hired Lead Foreman from the workforce training non-profit, GRID Alternatives. GRID offers free solar installation classes to build a green collared workforce.  Matt Blench, who is now employed by Sullivan Solar Power is a product of the GRID Alternative training program.

Matt Blench became interested in solar while pursuing a degree in Finance at CSU Chico using the GI Bill to put himself through higher education. During summer breaks he would work with his Dad on electrical jobs in his hometown, San Diego. Blench graduated during the economic downturn of 2008, unable to find work in his field he decided to pursue a career in the solar industry.

“The solar industry was just taking off when I graduated from Chico. Solar was the future and had unlimited growth opportunities,” said Matt Blench, Lead Foreman at Sullivan Solar Power. “I needed a place to gain experience to secure work in the solar industry and GRID offered that.”  

Mr. Blench first learned about GRID Alternatives from a colleague who suggested that he get involved with GRID. GRID Alternatives offers free training to those who want to learn more about solar. At the time, Matt recalls there were a variety of professionals in his class ranging from: students, graduates, architects’, engineers, finance professionals all seeking educational and technical training to learn more about solar.

After learning how to install solar photovoltaic systems at the Barrio Logan facility, Matt was able to secure a full time job in the solar field and has worked in the industry for the past seven years. In 2011 he was hired as a Foreman at Sullivan Solar Power and was promoted to Lead Foreman in early 2012.

“The pace at Sullivan is fast but the quality of work is top notch,” said Matt Blench. “We have certified electricians working at Sullivan Solar Power who ensure jobs are correctly installed.”

GRID Alternatives is a great opportunity to learn more about solar building from the basics. Matt was able to build a career in the solar industry starting with the GRID training program and hopes to transition from a field position into Project Management. Mr. Blench credits GRID Alternatives to his job security and professional growth.

Sullivan Solar Power partnered with GRID last year to donate one solar panel for each new customer. It is expected that Sullivan Solar Power will donate 90 solar power systems to low income families. This year marks GRID Alternatives 10th year anniversary. To learn more about GRID or solar for your property please call 1.800.SULLIVAN or visit www.SullivanSolarPower.com


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