EXUSMEDTM to Launch Pilot Program Introducing Affordable Mobile Health Care Solutions

EXUSMED™, a corporation offering affordable mobile health care solutions for both patients and providers, will launch a pilot program in early 2014 that will have more than 800 participating physicians providing care to approximately 1,500 patients throughout Southern California. EXUSMED’s programs, available to consumers in the summer of 2014, will provide improved outpatient continuity-of-care with the patient’s own health care provider through on-demand, real-time mobile healthcare technology encounters via computers, tablets or smart phones. This will allow for more convenient and flexible care, decreasing waiting room times and accelerating diagnosis and treatment.

“EXUSMED is the next step in health care that empowers patients, wherever they are, to connect directly to their own doctors via mobile technology,” said A. Latham Staples, president and CEO of EXUSMED.  “In addition to online visits, it allows patients to access their health care records and make a doctor’s appointment.  EXUSMED is simple, accessible and puts health care management back into the hands of the patient. 

“For doctors and other health care professionals, EXUSMED’s innovative technology facilitates direct access to patients, streamlines front and back office operations and brings practice management into  a new age of fast and easy communications.”

Staples added, “At a time when the challenges of health care in the U.S. have become so much a part of everyday life, EXUSMED moves  the provision of health care forward to a place of greater convenience and service that’s affordable, reliable and easy to navigate.”

EXUSMED’s innovative mobile health care platform will be delivered using the corporation’s proprietary Nexus MDTM software, which has been specifically developed to provide an enhanced health care experience for both patients and providers.

“The goal,” Staples noted, “is to leverage mobile health care innovations in technology to accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, provide higher quality outpatient experiences and create better bonds between patients and their health care providers.”



EXUSMED delivers convenient access to affordable outpatient continuity of healthcare, 24/7, 365 days a year. With EXUSMED health care needs are delivered when the patient needs them, in the comfort of their home or while on the go. EXUSMED reduces the need for waiting rooms, hard to get appointments and making unnecessary trips to clinics or to the hospital. To learn more about EXUSMED, please visit www.EXUSMED.com


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