3 Reasons to Get Together with Food in February from Healthy Dining

We are between awards ceremonies.  The Grammys have passed, and the Oscars are yet to come, football has come to an end with the Super Bowl last weekend, and the cold of winter seems to have a pretty firm hold on some parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean you should forget the food this month! 

Mark your calendars, because here are three perfect reasons to get together around some fresh, flavorful and tempting foods this month:

1. Winter Olympics (February 7th – 23rd) – We’ve been hearing about it for months, and it has finally arrived.  Skiing, hockey, snowboarding, figure skating, bobsledding and more will have us glued to TVs cheering on our teams.  Visit your favorite local restaurant offering TVs and dietitian picks for a casual meal, or order your food to go and have a Winter Olympics viewing party at home.  Try casual and healthier choices like this with lean protein and veggies to feel like  one of the athletes:
One Grilled Mango Habanero Mahi Mahi Taco with Side of Black Beans & Rice 
at Rubio’s
(490 calories, 11 g fat)

2. Valentine’s Day (February 14th) – This is the BIG one this month.  Mark your calendars now!  Grab your sweetie and head out to the restaurant where your eyes first met across the room, or you grinned a silly smile through your first date to spend some time remembering the butterflies and the amazing food.  Restaurants will be busy, so plan ahead with reservations or get creative with takeout and a special date spot away from the crowds.  Elegant, healthier choices like these can set the scene for dining in or taking out:
Chicken Pesto Sandwich Boudin Bakery & Café
(660 calories, 18 g fat)

"Lighter Side" Petite Sirloin at Elephant Bar
(530 calories, 25 g fat) 

Shrimp Al Ajillo (Serves 2) at Café Sevilla
(290 calories, 20 g fat)

Petite Filet at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
(420 calories, 19 g fat)

3. President’s Day (February 17th) – This may not be the first holiday you think of when it comes to food, but if you happen to have the day off like so many others, it’s a great opportunity to get out and spend some time with family and friends.  From a warm breakfast to get you started to easy no-work choices throughout the day that are packed with fruits and veggies, try these dietitian picks:
Fit & Lively Tomato Basil Omelette at Coco’s Bakery Restaurant
(340 calories, 14 g fat)

Wonton Chicken Happiness (1 cup) at Souplantation 
(150 calories, 7 g fat)

Start planning now for a deliciously fun February.  Find these and more Healthy Dining menu choices hand-picked by Healthy Dining dietitians along with nutrition information on HealthyDiningFinder.com at home or on the run.


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